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The Total Benefit of Address Resolution Services

August 31, 2015

Did you know that 4% of addressed are not completely confirmed by CASS™ processing, and as a result are unlikely to get delivered? Depending on who your customer is, you may mail those anyway at full rate or suppress them entirely from your mailing. Those are valuable communications that are being printed and mailed, even though they have little or no chance of being received. Every year that results in 4 billion mailpieces being thrown away by the USPS, with another 1 billion being forwarded to the tune of $250 million in additional postage.

What would the impact be if you could correct an average of 51% of the addresses that are not completely confirmed by CASS processing? BCC Software has just released a new calculator that shows you the impact of using our Address Resolution Service (ARS) to leverage third-party databases to correct addresses CASS cannot standardize without additional help.

Adding ARS into your workflow can greatly increase response revenue, and coupled with increased customer responses and postage benefits, can significantly increase your overall ROI. This new calculator will arm you with the information you need to communicate that value to your customers – increasing revenue for you and ROI for them.

To help you; our customers, partners, and prospects understand this benefit, we’ve created a Potential ARS ROI Calculator for you to use.

Visit bccsoftware.com/arstool, enter your total records and hit calculate to see the results for yourself.

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