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3 Birds – 1 Stone to Make Your Political Mailings More Effective

August 31, 2015

As election season approaches, we highlight DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File Processing), one of our Data Marketing Services. This service matches your address data to a complete list of valid addresses recognized by the US Postal Service. The process results in 3 distinct benefits which maximize the effectiveness of political mailings.

Increase Postage Savings

If your mailing is like most political mailings, it is focused on a specific geographic footprint of voters. Because your mailing is going to many individuals in a small area, it will most likely qualify for High Density or Saturation Postage rates, which represent the deepest level of postage discounts available. To be eligible for these rates, though, the pieces have to be appended with a Walk Sequence Number.

The Walk Sequence Number is appended in DSF2 and is used to order the mailpieces in the exact order that the carriers walk their route. Preparing your mail for high density or saturation postage can result in a postage savings of up to 46% over traditional Standard Mail Postage costs.

Eliminate Mail to Invalid and/or Undesirable Targets

DSF2 also appends attributes of each delivery point to your files. These attributes can identify addresses that are invalid or incomplete. You can then take action on these to either gather updated information through another channel or you can choose to eliminate them from your mailing reducing the expense of undelivered mailpieces.

These attributes can also identify businesses and other types of addresses that you may not want to include in your targeted audience, such as Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies or vacant homes. Removing these records from the data can save you postage and materials, giving you the opportunity to spend those savings on other messaging that would be more productive.

Ensure Speedy and Efficient Delivery of your Messages

Having your mail limited to only the verified addresses that fit the profiles of your intended targets and prepared in walk sequence will ensure that you will minimize wasted costs on undeliverable mail and will ensure that all of your pieces are delivered in a timely manner.

Using Delivery Sequence File processing on your political mailings will ensure you achieve each of these three benefits and ensure that your targeted voters will receive your messages in plenty of time to shape their decisions. We are excited to offer a limited time offer to test this service at a reduced cost. Sign up for a test subscription in the month of September that will cover all your DSF2 processing through the end of the calendar year for a low price. We are convinced you will get all 3 of those birds with the BCC DSF2 stone.

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