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Three solutions for Rooftop Level Geocode from BCC Software

June 29, 2015

Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as longitude and latitude) from a street addresses. Rooftop geocoding provides the exact delivery point level match when given an address while centroid geocoding provides a much less exact match. BCC Software has three options for acquiring the precision of Rooftop Geocoding; Data Marketing ServicesGo Data, and Datavolve.

For customers wanting a high touch service, our Data Marketing Services team will assist you in automating a Rooftop Geocoding batch process service. For customer that want to go it alone, our Go Data website allows geocoding a list and payment in just a few simple steps. For customers that cannot allow their data to go off sight, we have our on premise data quality solution, Datavolve.

All three of our Rooftop Geocoding options combine the intelligence from multiple sources for accurate and precise results that append Latitude, Longitude, Census Tract, Block Groups, and Block Numbers. Datavolve takes this a step further with algorithms that improve matching and processing speed.

Each record processed through Rooftop Geocoding returns a code describing the match made or if a match could not be made. Below is a brief description of the codes that are returned with Rooftop Geocoding.

  • 0 (ZIP + 4 Centroid) – Latitude longitude determined 9 digit area. (3rd most accurate match)
  • 1 (ZIP Centroid) – Latitude longitude by 5 digit area. (4th most accurate match)
  • 2 (No Match to Geo Data) – Geocode data does not exist for the input address
  • 3 (Error in Matching) – An error occurred when matching the address
  • 4 (Rooftop Append) – Rooftop level (Delivery Point) match to an address (most accurate match).
  • 5 (Multi-Unit Building Rooftop Append) – Rooftop level (Non Delivery Point) match to a building (2nd most accurate match)

*A centroid is the CenterPoint of a geographical area.

Customers are coming up with new uses of rooftop geocoding data all the time. Below is a list of just some of the uses of Rooftop Geocode that we have identified.

  • Marketers – Identify Geographic concentrations within a list that pinpoint targeting efforts.
  • Direct Mail – Personalize communication through variable print that puts the location that is closest to you customer on the mail piece.
  • Shipping & logistics companies – Optimize delivery by reducing fuel, resources, and costs while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Insurance – Provides the precise location to make accurate risk assessments based on location (Flood plains).
  • Creditors – Gain better insight into purchases made from unlikely places that may indicate fraud.
  • Retail – Understand their customers and markets spending trends by location. In addition, retailers can use this data when planning for distribution center locations.
  • Telecommunications and Cable – Determine best locations for network expansion.

If want to know more about one of these three options please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at 800.337.0442. If you are already processing your lists through one of these three Rooftop Geocoding solutions, we would love to hear your examples of how this data adds value to your business.

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