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Your solution for address standardization and validation

Build a solid foundation for your direct communications. Datavolve®️ eliminates address data errors in your existing address database and in new addresses as they enter your system. With a cleaner database, organizations can cut postal and marketing materials costs, successfully connect with more customers and prospects, and expand their client base.

USPS® Reference

Confirms address data against the most current USPS reference data.

Flexible Architecture

Deployable over multiple platforms, wide operational configurations, and all data entry points.

Immediate Analysis

Evaluates address data where it enters your system, so data errors are fixed before they cause problems throughout an organization.

Fast and Easy Installation and Maintenance

Implementing the solution is simple and cost-effective, and can be installed and maintained on a central server.

Comprehensive Standardization

Records are standardized and enhanced with essential ZIP + 4® codes, postal carrier routes, delivery point, and other valuable information.

Software Integration

Works seamlessly with existing database software to update and maintain existing records via batch processing.

Save time, save money, retain customers, and gain new business

Incorrect, missing, or outdated address information is bad news for good business practices. Whether due to human error or external factors, addresses that are not complete, correct, and current can wreak havoc on your productivity and profitability.

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Why use Datavolve?

Address quality is vital for both your company’s profitability and the security and satisfaction of your customers and prospects. Why risk losing valuable, longtime customers due to simple changes of address, or throw away time and money on communications rendered ineffective due to bad data capture?

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Allows all areas of your business to gain a single view of address quality.

Conveniently create a workflow and avoid task repetition.

Monitor accuracy, efficiency, and productivity from the central server location.

Decrease the amount of returned mail and drive deeper postal discounts.

Ensure that sensitive materials are not delivered to the wrong address.

Improve campaign effectiveness through faster, more reliable connections with message recipients.

Transform your data into a valuable asset with Datavolve, BCC Software's cutting-edge data quality solution

Empower your marketing campaigns with accurate and actionable insights, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Discover how Datavolve can revolutionize your data quality processes and propel your business towards success.
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