With the Enhanced Merge/ Purge option for BCC Mail Manager™, we’ve made it easy to take your list-control capabilities to impressive new levels—allowing you to consolidate multiple lists quickly, efficiently, and with flexibility you need to stay on schedule and on budget.

Option Features

A variety of processing options

  • Merge List —  combine lists to get a “Best Record” output file without duplicates
  • Suppression — select a list of names that will be identified and removed from the final mailing list.
  • Intersect — take list data from many sources and only include names from a pre-selected group of records
  • Work with many separate lists or with one key coded list
  • Use selectivity to match only certain groups from a list or group of lists

House holding supports multiple recipients at one address

  • Customize name handling for multiple residents at one address, such as The Smith Household or Bob and Joe Smith
  • Choose behavior conditionally
    • Records with one name retain the original name
    • Records with 2 names have “First Name 1” and “First Name 2” + “Last Name”
    • Records with 3 or More have “The Last Name Family”

User-definable merge schemes

  • Fuzzy logic allows control of matching based on percentage of similarity
  • Control which matching criteria are the most important
  • Specify matching features such as “numbers must be exact match” or to “match nicknames”
  • Choose records based on list priority, record priority, date updated or most populated fields
  • Create your own match codes and match indexes
  • Save schemes for reuse and consistent behavior

Post data

  • Combine different fields from many lists into one record
  • Retain all data from the originating records combined into the new record
  • In separate fields or combined into one large field

Output options

  • Create new combined mailing lists
  • Remove records from source lists
  • Write duplicate records to a new data file
  • Easily accommodate dissimilar list structures with no lost production time
  • Easily accommodate different field sizes

Take control of your lists with Enhanced Merge/Purge and BCC Mail Manager. For additional information on the Enhanced Merge/Purge option for Mail Manager, call (800) 337-0442 or email us.