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October 06, 2014

You don’t have to turn away one-time, or infrequent, Packages Services jobs (Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail, Library Mail, Parcel Select, PS Lightweight or Customized Market Mail) if you don’t own the BCC Mail Manager™ Bound Printed Matter or Customized Market Mail options. Professional Services can help you fulfill your customer’s needs.

Professional Services will presort that list for you for a small fee!  This is just one more service we provide to those of you who don’t do this type of work often enough to justify the expense of the option itself.

Contact us at (866) 326-7081 to ask for a Presort Job Request form. Once you receive the form:

  1. Fill in all of the presort information.
  2. Process your list up to the point of presort.
  3. Package your list using BCC Mail Manager
  4. Email the completed form and your packaged list to ProfessionalServices@bccsoftware.com.

We will process your list, per your specifications on the Presort Job Request form, and return your list, along with PDFs of the postal documents and container tags (usually on the same business day).

Please note, you must be approved by the USPS to present an Intelligent Mail® package barcode with the Shipping Services File (SSF) if you are processing BPM (not BPM Flats), Parcel Select, PS Lightweight, and First-Class™ Packages. Customer Support can guide you through this process if you are not currently approved.

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