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Tech Tip: Election Season is coming, be prepared with Mail.dat 14-2

October 06, 2014

With election season quickly approaching, the Post Office™ has added Election Mail/Political Mailing checkboxes to PS Form 3600 and PS Form 3602. While the postage statements allow for declaring the content, mailers could not indicate that information in the Mail.dat® or Mail.XML output. That has changed with the release of Mail.dat 14-2 and Mail.XML 16.0A.

When using Mail.dat 14-2, mailers can select the Political Mail or Election Mail type on the Mail Piece page of the Mail.dat Wizard. Each type is available in the ‘Content of Mail’ dropdown, and can be selected for First-Class Mail or Standard Mail. The only prerequisite is that Version 14-2 must be selected on the General Page (Page 3).

When using Mail.XML, mailers must first select Version 16.0A on the Mailing page of the Mail.XML Wizard and then select either Political or Election Mail in the ‘Content of Mail’ dropdown on Page 2.

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