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Anderson Direct & Digital Retools with BCC Mail Manager Full Service from BCC Software

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Needed to disengage a highly integrated postal software from their mailing operation and replace with new software without risking revenue.

      • BCC Mail Manager Full Service
      • NCOALink® Flat Rate FSP Option
      • Suppression Services

Anderson Direct & Digital is pleased with the overall outcome from the integration to BCC Software and the help they received during and after the process. The integrated Data Marketing Services is a bonus that allowed for additional savings and value added services.

With the help of BCC Professional Services and a strong commitment from his team, Todd Stoker, Vice President of Operations at Anderson Direct & Digital, replaced his highly integrated postal software solutions with one powerful and flexible product, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™.

Anderson was using Postalsoft® when Stoker arrived at the company in the late 1990’s. Since that time, the entire arm of their direct mail production line had been built around SAP’s Postalsoft. Like so many other companies who have been forced with the decision to change software, the cost of decoupling a tightly integrated solution was a real concern. In addition, mail operations had to keep up with the demand or risk losing revenue. This was a challenge for Anderson Direct & Digital, a top 20 direct marketing agency with $37 million in revenue, 160 employees, and over 100 million pieces of direct marketing mail processed each year.

“Neither our production volumes, or our customers could be adversely impacted by our move to a new postal software,” said Stoker.

Seamless and Direct Integration

In retooling his direct mail operation, Stoker sought one end-to-end postal solution that was flexible, customizable, and could be fully automated. After reviewing the alternatives, Stoker chose BCC Mail Manager Full Service from BCC Software. It met his criteria, and offered seamless and direct integration into many value added data services offerings.

“I love that the NCOALink® and Suppression Services are linked into the BCC Mail Manager Full Service software to offer us one integrated solution,” said Stoker.

Significant Savings

BCC Software’s flat rate pricing for NCOALink resulted in significant cost savings and value that can now be passed on to Anderson’s customers.

“Our last NCOALink product provided only 18 months of data. With BCC Mail Manager Full Service we get 48 months of data for a lower price,” said Stoker.

Integration with Minimal Impact

Due to the high level of integration, it took Stoker’s team about thirty days to completely disengage Postalsoft and replace it with BCC Mail Manager Full Service. During this time they were able to maintain  their high-volume production, and keep up with customer demand. The Anderson team of engineers worked closely with BCC Software professional services to get through the hurdles quickly. Jobs continued to flow, and the impact to production was minimal.

“We had utilities and other dependencies that had to be retooled completely, or just reconnected. At times it was like swallowing a beach ball,” said Stoker. “My team responded really well to the challenge, and everyone at BCC Software was very responsive to our needs and helpful.”

Professional Services

At BCC Software our dedicated Professional Services team helps customers transition to a new software solution, and also helps to identify solutions that will improve workflow efficiencies.

Anderson found efficiencies by not only replacing their presort software, but by also replacing other tools, like their antiquated inkjet software, with BCC Mail Manager Full Service. “Replacing tightly integrated software is not a plug-and-play process, nor should it be,” said Bill Jamieson, BCC Software’s former Director of Product Strategy. “To maximize ROI, companies should utilize the opportunity, when making a  switch, to remove waste from their existing workflow, find efficiencies, and upgrade.”

The features and flexibility of BCC Mail Manager Full Service, combined with the experience, expertise, and helpfulness of the BCC Software team makes for a very smooth transition to new postal software.

“I appreciate getting the same level of service from BCC Software that we preach and provide to our customers,” said Stoker. “Everyone that we have dealt with has been exceptional, both in their availability, and expertise.”

Overall Outcome

Today, Anderson Direct & Digital is extremely happy with their decision to switch to BCC Mail Manager Full Service and BCC Software. There is still some work to be done to fully utilize the robust automation, and merge/purge features of BCC Mail Manager Full Service. Stoker is hopeful that his team will be able to find time for that this year. When they are ready BCC Software will be there to help.

“I am really pleased with the overall outcome of our integration to BCC Mail Manager Full Service. Your software performed as promised,” said Stoker. “We are really glad to have found a software provider with a lot of parallels to the way we do business, and how we work with customers.”

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