Fortune 500 Transactional Mailer

BCC Mail Manager Full Service Saves Mailer Millions Per Year in Postage Costs.

A Fortune 500 company that processes hundreds of millions of mailpieces per year reviewed its transactional mail workflow process and found a great opportunity for cost savings. As part of their regular cost-saving audit review, they discovered that outsourcing the production of their mail to a third-party prevented them from maximizing the cost savings earned from postal worksharing discounts. To recoup these savings, their management sought a software solution that would easily integrate into their current workflow while maximizing the discounts they could receive.

Extensive pre-sale benchmark analysis, performed by the buyer, determined BCC Software’s BCC Mail Manager™ Full Service product delivered lower postage and faster speeds when compared to the competition.

“On average the benchmarking demonstrated a 5-8% uplift in 5-digit sortation in favor of BCC Mail Manager Full Service. The speed for PAVE, CASS, and NCOALink processing was vastly superior when using BCC Mail Manager Full Service.” —Buyer’s Analysis

The customer tasked one of their most experienced postal application developers with integrating the BCC Mail Manager Full Service product into their workflow. What won over this developer’s confidence was the products ease of integration and use, BCC Software’s great technical support, and the impressive results that allowed each mailing to earn the highest discounts available.

“After sixteen years with your competitor’s software I was very nervous in switching software. However, when I reached out to your support team it all came together very quickly. The ease of use of BCC Mail Manger Full Service and the outstanding technical support really made our experience with BCC Software a success.” —Customer’s Developer

This experienced employee was equally impressed with the timely certification process for NCOALink® stage II testing.

BCC Software has combined the industry’s best products with world-class customer support. The entire team at BCC Software is focused on helping customers solve problems quickly. The project manager in charge of the solution for this Fortune 500 Company is impressed at BCC Software’s exceptional customer support.

Since purchasing BCC Mail Manager Full Service, this company has demonstrated an 80% uplift in 5-digit rates and an 8% savings over outsourcing. The few mailpieces that do not qualify for the 5-digit rate are still sent to a third party for processing to take advantage of their sort volume discounts. Overall, this balanced approach to mail processing is saving this company 3 cents per piece and is forecasted to save $10 – $12 million per year.