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Coffey Communications finds a postal partner with BCC Software

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“We were looking for an ongoing problem-solving partner, and found it with BCC Software.”Alanna Jacob, Coffey Communications

The fifteen-year user of Postalsoft®, sought a new software partner they could trust, with a powerful software product, and a passion for the postal industry.

      • BCC Mail Manager Full Service
      • Enhanced Merge / Purge
      • NCOALink FSP Processing

Direct cost savings, improvement in efficiency, and a reliable, long-term partner to help solve complex problems and navigate tricky postal requirements.

A nationwide leader in healthcare content marketing, and a fifteen-year user of Postalsoft®, sought a new software partner they could trust, with a powerful software product, and a passion for the postal industry. Coffey Communications made the right choice with BCC Mail Manager™ Full Service from BCC Software.

Trusted Partner

Coffey Communications needed a partner that would take an interest in their issues and would go the extra mile to help.

“We were looking for an ongoing problem-solving partner, and found it with BCC Software,” says Alanna Jacob, Director of Mailing & Fulfillment Services for Coffey Communications. “What we like best about BCC Software’s customer support is the ability to pick up the phone and easily connect with a support technician,” continues Jacob. “With other software vendors we have worked with, it has not always been that simple, so we definitely give that great value.”

The Power of BCC Mail Manager Full Service

Coffey Communications uses BCC Mail Manager Full Service list management and data management features, such as Enhanced Merge / Purge and NCOALink® processing, to eliminate waste and ensure data accuracy.

“Hospitals take waste very seriously, and duplication of mailpieces or inaccurate addresses are not acceptable,” says Jacob. “Quality and accuracy of our mailing list has to be perfect to meet our customers’ expectations.”

In addition, Coffey Communications has found new efficiencies by leveraging the power of BCC Mail Manager Full Service.

“The way BCC Mail Manager Full Service works leads to a more efficient work flow for us. We are much more efficient in completing list processing work than ever. We are very pleased with the results.”

By bringing NCOA processing in-house with BCC Mail Manager Full Service and the NCOA Flat Rate, Coffey Communications has reduced costs, improved process efficiency, and freed up resources. Coffey Communications saved thousands in the first year alone. Their NCOALink processing time has decreased from 2 to 4 days to just minutes. Resources previously used to schedule jobs and complete third-party paperwork can now be directed to more critical activities.

“What we like best about BCC Mail Manager Full Service is the flexibility and variety of processing capabilities available in the program,” says Jacob. “Before, our team had to use an entire suite of software programs to accomplish almost all of what we can now achieve in BCC Mail Manager Full Service. The effect of this is a streamlined and more efficient workflow.”

Postal Partner

The team at BCC Software are experts not only in supporting customers, but also in understanding the very complex postal rules. BCC’s entire team, from leadership to support, is dedicated to staying on top of postal changes that could impact customers, and ensuring the software is compliant. Jacob found this to be a key differentiating factor when comparing BCC Software with other solution providers.

“We were looking for value-added services around understanding postal rules and postal education. BCC’s insights, connections, and expertise in the postal industry have really added value to our business,” says Jacob.

Smooth Transition

The transition to BCC Mail Manager Full Service, after years of using another postal software solution, was much easier than anticipated for Jacob and her team. After the first week of training, Coffey Communications was running jobs from BCC Mail Manager Full Service and matching results against SAP® software. After just a few weeks of benchmark comparisons, all of their jobs were running through BCC Mail Manager Full Service.

Jacob comments, “Having a trainer on-site for a week was totally worth the money spent. It allowed us to get general training in the new software as well as those special tweaks that were needed to get the jobs to run seamlessly. The training really helped to improve our workflow.”

The BCC Software professional services team expertly guides new customers through the transition period of a software change to ensure a seamless integration.

“We understand that transitioning to new software is a big step for many Postalsoft customers,” says Bill Jamieson, former Director of Product Strategy for BCC Software. “The power and flexibility of our BCC Mail Manager Full Service software allows for a smooth transition to the most integrated workflows.”

Relief at Last

Coffey Communications is extremely happy with the switch to BCC Mail Manager Full Service and BCC. They have realized direct cost savings, improvement in efficiency, and now have a reliable, long-term partner to help solve complex problems and navigate tricky postal requirements like Intelligent Mail® Full-Service.

Jacob concludes, “It’s a relief to finally make the move to our new software. The transition was seamless, and we are very happy with our purchase of BCC Mail Manager Full Service and our decision to partner with BCC.”

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