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Full-service direct mailer looks to BCC Mail Manager as they grow their business and expand their offering.

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“Converting to BCC Mail Manager was very straightforward. We have been able to streamline the entire process to support our expanded customer services.”Bob Arkema, Johnson & Quin

Johnson & Quin needed to replace their existing postal software, which was being discontinued by their vendor. They selected BCC Mail Manager for its ease of implementation.

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With BCC Mail Manager, Johnson & Quin was able to fully automate their processes, including easy integration into their current workflow, which enabled them to streamline their entire process and support their expanded customer services.

Johnson & Quin is a full-service direct mail production company that also specializes in integrated marketing services. While they see that in the long term direct mail volumes may decrease, they believe that highly personalized direct mail is still going to have an important role in marketing channels. Along those lines, Johnson & Quin finds it vital to focus on adding to their services and complementing direct mail with other offerings.

Johnson & Quin recently needed to replace their existing postal software, the SAP PostalSoft solution, which was being discontinued by their vendor. They migrated to BCC Mail Manager Full Service™, which they selected for its ease of implementation.

Staying ahead of the curve

“By switching to BCC Mail Manager, we’re staying ahead of the curve,” says Bob Arkema, Executive Vice President, Johnson & Quin. “Our implementation not only ensures continuity in business, service and performance, but our customers continue to get the full benefits of the Intelligent Mail® barcode. Taking this step now and upgrading to the Mail Manager workflow has helped put us in a strong position to be prepared for all that the Intelligent Mail barcode has to offer.”

BCC Mail Manager™ allows Johnson & Quin to fully automate their processes, including integration into their current workflow. The entire process, from data input through address cleansing and presorting, as well as data services, has been completely automated using the BCC Mail Manager scripting and watch folder technology.

“Converting our existing scripts over to the BCC Mail Manager approach was very straightforward. With the automation of the TaskMaster™ scripting, we have been able to streamline the entire process to support our expanded customer services,” noted Arkema.

A valuable solution

The foundation of BCC Mail Manager Full Service is BCC Software’s acclaimed BCC Mail Manager core technology, long respected for its intuitive flexibility and remarkable ease of use across the widest variety of mailing applications. This ever-evolving USPS® CASS™/PAVE™-certified platform, coupled with BCC’s unlimited best-in-class customer support, has proven to be a valuable solution for Johnson & Quin.

“Some of the things we look for in a vendor like BCC Software would be to help us keep up to date on all the postal requirements. Standards and processes are always changing with the Post Office™. BCC Software really does a good job of informing us of the changes and keeping us up to date on them,” says Arkema. “We really appreciate the technology advances that BCC Software has made, and we look forward to working with them on future programs.”

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