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Full Service Certification using BCC Mail Manager

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“I like the look and feel of BCC Mail Manager and it allows me the freedom to be in charge of my mailing process.”Steve Rost, RightWayMail.com

RightWayMail.com needed a solution that was flexible, robust, and provided unlimited technical support in order to optimize mailing induction and a solution that supported their ability to provide all services necessary to their clients.

BCC Mail Manager

RightWayMail.com received Full Service Mail Service Provider Status Certification and now enjoys the largest discounts available, no annual permit fees, no cost tracking, and single permit “Mail Anywhere” benefits.

Getting Your Mail Accepted Every Time

Full Service Certification

In July of 2015, The United States Postal Service granted RightWayMail.com Full Service Mail Service Provider Certification (FSMSP-C). RightWayMail.com was added to the short list of 56 Mail Service providers (MSP’s) qualifying for additional postal benefits.

RightWayMail.com is one of only two service bureau providers listed on the USPS Full Service vendor list. As a service bureau, RightWayMail.com works with a variety of clients who count on attaining the very best of technology and the most up to date services in order to optimize their costs and mail delivery results.

RightWayMail.com’s clients are mostly brokers who act on behalf of the mail owners to commission the most cost efficient and effective direct mail providers available. The Full Service Mail Service Provider Certification has been a major differentiator for RightWayMail.com from its competitors and has been a strong part of the promotion of their business and services. In addition to the promotional aspect of the certification, RightWayMail.com also experiences the additional discount benefits, the time savings from making sure the job is done right the first time, and a seamless drop off at any post office.

BCC Mail Manager: The solution that got me there.

“It’s easier to do it the right way,” says Steve Rost, owner of RightWayMail.com. He remembers dropping off his first mailing to the Post Office in 1996. The inspection process took over 45 minutes for less than ten trays of mail. He remembered seeing other providers bringing in their mail and not having to wait around for an inspection. He knew right away that he “wanted to be one of those guys.”

Mail pieces dropped at a postal facility need to meet several layers of standards in order to be verified as accepted by acceptance personnel in accordance with mail induction standards. BCC Mail Manager is designed to make sure the mailing process is optimized for cost reduction and time saving and is USPS PAVEGOLD (Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation) certified ensuring proper preparation and induction.

“I like the look and feel of BCC Mail Manager and it allows me the freedom to be in charge of my mailing process” says Rost. The postal presort solution from BCC Software offers comprehensive background processing that optimizes Rost’s workflow, allowing him to take on additional work. The flexibility of the solution has allowed RightWayMail. com to achieve the certification and expand the benefits that can be provided to potential clients.

Meeting today’s business needs

The growth and survival of today’s mail service bureaus depends on the ability to add value and more effective results to the organizations they serve. The traditional approach of offering the static service of mail preparation and lowering costs isn’t enough to sustain growth. More mail owners are seeking increased efficiencies, higher delivery rates, and additional visibility into the status of their mailings. RightWayMail.com was able to attain Full Service certification by meeting the objectives for mail preparation. Going forward, RightWayMail.com will continue to grow by leveraging the ability to offer more benefits to its clients, and having a strong relationship with BCC Software and the United States Postal Service. RightWayMail.com is located is Hamburg, NY and has been in business since 1996.

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