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St. Joseph’s Indian School

98% reduction in process time, 30% increase in graduation

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It allows us to do the impossible. We wouldn’t have been able to complete all these new projects and could never have brought them in house.”Mike Dooley, Vice President of Production, St. Joseph’s Indian School

Increase the volume of donation mailing by 300%

BCC Ignite

98% processing time reduction, 3 times the donor mailings managed

At St Joseph’s Indian School, the mission is clear: education is key for youth to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. Located in a traditionally impoverished region where standard high school graduation rates hover around 50%, challenges abound. However, for the students at St. Joseph’s graduation rates are now near 80%. In order to achieve this success, the ability to provide a no-cost education, group living environment, and support for these at-risk children depends on contributions and donations.

The Problem

St. Joseph’s Indian School was running all of their data processing for donation mailings on older technology. Though this tech had been sufficient in the past, the data processing group was now faced with new initiatives to deliver marketing mailings for other parts of the organization, which were being outsourced at a significant cost. All of this while being expected to increase the volume of their donation mailings by 300%.

This task seemed impossible. For the 800,000+ records they were already processing, address verification took 1 hour to transfer and another 17 minutes to process. This was just one step of the overall process which typically took 4 hours total, while monthly donor mailings were nearing 1 million pieces.


Going From Days To Minutes To Put Processes Together

On-site assessment of their processes and performance showed an immediate opportunity for process improvement with BCC Ignite™. With the application of the new Ignite workflow, the processing time for a job went from 4 hours to 1 ½ minutes. This included adding a new de-duplication process that found an additional 6 groups of duplicates that had never been identified. File structure issues were also eliminated; the school can now take in any file type they handle into their workflow and treat all of the different inputs as one.

Today, total processing time for address verification for 2.2 million records is now running near 15 minutes. The data processing group is now able to take on a lot more work – 300% more in fact, without additional staff. Complex code maintenance has been eliminated, 5 employees are trained and able to run the new BCC Ignite workflows, and resource bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

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