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Tech Tip: Full Service ACS with Track N Trace®

June 12, 2014

Would you like to be able to track your mail as well as get address corrections? Maybe you have a customer that has requested tracking? BCC Mail Manager has that ability included when using our Track N Trace® product.

When you create a Track N Trace job, you have the option to select Full-Service ACS.

Note: The ‘One Code ACS Keyline’ field must be included in the record layout. This field will be updated with the Serial Numbers assigned by Track N Trace.

After creating your Track N Trace job, submit your information electronically. Choose either Mail.XML or Mail.dat® for submitting your information. When setting up the permit information, both the mail owner and mail preparer are required to be identified for all Full-Service mailings. Full-Service ACS data defaults to the mail owner’s Mailer ID (MID). If the mail owner is also the preparer, then the mail owner’s MID can populate all of the required fields in the eDoc and Intelligent Mail® barcode.

Note: ACS Data is not available on the Track N Trace website. You will have to retrieve that information directly from the USPS® Business Customer Gateway.

Once you have retrieved the information from the Business Customer Gateway, you can then use the ACS Fulfillment File process to update the BCC Mail Manager job. (See the BCC Mail Manager User Manual for further information)

If you have any questions about any part of the process, please call customer support at 800.624.5234.


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