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Backing Up and Transferring Mail Manager Files

May 31, 2016

When transferring Mail Manager to another computer, or if you are performing a periodic backup of your system, it is recommended that you backup your BCC Mail Manager files and package your lists. See “Mail Manager Backup Files” table below for the files that are necessary for backups.

Mail Manager Backup Files 
Files Description
Data Files – these are located in C:\BCC\[Product Name]\Data Files
Company.* Contains all company information for postage statements, etc.
Express.* Contains saved expressions that can be loaded to calculated fields, indexes, or selectivity
GendersX.* Contains user defined gender table files
History.* Contains the history of lists
LabelsU.* Contains user defined labels
MailList.* Contains the required information for all defined lists
Transfer.* Contains all the import transfer specifications of the lists
Users.dbf (Network Version) Contains defined network users
*.mdc Contains dBase configuration tables
*.tbl Contains all tables
*.mdx Contains index files
TaskMaster Files – these files are located in C:\BCC\[Product Name]\Jobs
*.log Contains the log files for TaskMaster jobs that have been run
*.mjb Contains the job files for TaskMaster jobs that have been created
Job Manager Files – these files are located in C:\BCC\[Product Name]\JobManager
FileConfiguration.dat Contains saved file handling and email notifications
JobManagerPreferences.dat Contains saved Job Manager Preferences
Mail.dat – these files are located in C:\BCC\[Product Name]\Settings
*.mds Contains saved Mail.dat settings
Saved Presort Files – these files are located in C:\BCC\[Product Name]\Presort Tables
Saveset.dbf Contains saved presort settings

These files are available only for those who mail periodicals.

Contains saved publications
Permits*.* Contains saved Postage Statement permit information
Dest*.* Contains destination ZIP Codes™
DEFORDER.txt Overrides the presort destination order
Templates – these files are located in C:\BCC\[Product Name]\Templates
*.mwl Contains label templates.
*.mwt Contains layout templates.
MOVE Manager (EU/LSP/FSP) Customer Service Logs – these files are located in \BCC\[Product Name]\NCOALink 

(The name of a database is in the form XAAAA.dat, where X is the type of database, and “AAAA” represents the platform ID assigned by the USPS.)

CAAAA.dat Customer Service Log
BAAAA.dat Broker / Agent / List Admin Log

Backing up Mail Manager Files

  1. Copy the Data Files, Jobs, Presort Tables, and Templates listed above to the backup location.
  2. Open Mail Manager.
  3. Go to File ® Package Lists and select the lists to package.
  4. Click OK.
  5. When the Browse for Folder window opens, select the backup location and click OK. The packaged list is saved to the specified folder with an .mpl extension.
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