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Guest Article from Solimar: USPS promotions save money, but can you actually make it happen?

May 03, 2016

Let’s face it, your organization wants to increase sales revenue while reducing your postage budget and USPS wants more postage revenue. So, how do these seemingly opposing goals complement each other?

The Personalized Color Transpromo promotion from USPS provides your organization an opportunity to make money while saving money.  Last year over $8,000,000 in postage was saved!

How does it work?

Simply put a full color personalized transpromotional marketing or consumer message such as an “Onsert” (an insert you print on the page, as opposed to inserting a pamphlet in an envelope) on your document to qualify. This is printed in-stream on a sheet of paper within the content of the letter or statement. The “Onsert” or message must include full color text with or without an image using a dynamic variable print process, on a transaction mail piece which is required to be mailed as First-Class Mail.

Marketing is happy. USPS is happy.

I’ll break it down even more. If you answer YES to the following 4 questions, you can do this!

No. Question In other words…
1 Are you Transaction printer and mailer? Do you send out statements or invoices?

Stop here if you don’t!

2 Do you have a color printer or does your mailing service provider print in color for you? Stop here if you don’t have a color printer or buy one!!!
3 Do you use a mail permit? That preprinted official stamp-like thing on the upper right corner of the envelope.

Stop here if you don’t have one!

4 Do you or your mailing service provider put on the IMb? If you don’t, stop here!

Let’s talk money, or better yet, savings!

If you send out those 50,000 statements or invoices with a promotional message on them from July to December, you could save about $50,000 this year. Yes, you can send less this is just an example. See the sample below.

So how would an organization actually make this happen?

For more details on how to add the “promo” to your transactional documents, contact us (info below) and click on the links below to check out one these Solimar Shorts (short videos):

Transpromotional Documents – Inserting Additional Pages

Transpromotional Documents – Adding Content to Current Output

About the Author

Paul Abdool, BBA, M-EDP, CCMP, ECMs
Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for Solimar Systems, Inc.

Paul uses his 19 years of document industry experience to help customers to develop and optimize their print and mail operations with process automation, workflow solutions and professional services. He is currently on the Postmaster General’s Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) and sits on Xplor International’s Association Board of Directors.


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