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Promise and Deliver with Data Preflight

June 28, 2017

At BCC Software, we recognize how heavily customer retention relies on consistently delivering what you promise to your customers. But in a demanding industry, how can you ensure properly formatted, printed and addressed communication pieces every time?

Here’s where Data Preflight comes in­—a direct mail proofing software option available exclusively through BCC Mail Manager™.

With Data Preflight, you can meet, and exceed, your customer’s expectations, plus save your company time and money in the process.

Data Preflight’s direct mail proofing tools ensure the quality of your data is spot-on before a single drop of ink hits paper. It works to proof all information so that addresses and personalization are correct and current, eliminating the need for reprinting on your end.

It also eliminates the hassle of working with tedious expressions, indexes and selectivities to build accurately addressed and personalized items with a few simple clicks.

Considering how Data Preflight could work for your business? Here are some other key benefits of incorporating this option into your BCC Mail Manager software:

  • Reduces time spent on samples and sign-offs created based on customer criteria
  • Prevents printing outside of the designated area on mailpiece
  • Identifies incomplete records before printing
  • Prevents expensive errors due to overprint of copy on mailpiece
  • Prevents unexpected data conditions from creating imaging problems downstream
  • Easily incorporates into automated workflows
  • Produces detailed reports for analysis prior to machine setup

With Data Preflight, you are able to promise and deliver your customer the perfectly formatted printed materials they expect. It makes a big difference for their business, and leads to customer retention for you. Plus, it eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming quality assurance procedures that were necessary for ensuring correct mail pieces were sent off to the USPS®.

Fill out the form below, or contact your account representative to add this option to your mailing software today or to schedule a brief 30minute one-on-one demonstration where you can see how this option can benefit your business.

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