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Data Preflight

Output quality and direct mail proofing tools that save time and money

BCC Software’s Data Preflight option can produce addressed or personalized items to ensure your jobs are done right the first time. With our direct mail proofing software and tools, your customers can expect their printed and addressed communications to be error free, saving them both time and money.

If you feel hindered by the cumbersome and time-consuming quality assurance procedures to ensure all printed items are perfect before going to the USPS®, this software option can help.  Add this option to your mailing software today and start improving customer retention by helping your customers achieve their advertising goals.

Key Features

    • Height: tallest or shortest label
    • Width: widest and narrowest label
    • Fields: most and least populated, shortest and longest
    • Truncation detection
    • Identify where data may run beyond allowable boundaries
    • Beginning – by quantity
    • Middle – frequency and quantity
    • End – by quantity
    • Random selection
    • Order versions by expression
    • Order any set of labels
    • Build custom sample sets
    • Select by co-mail version combinations
    • Select specific subsets of records in any mailing database
      • Samples
      • Seeds
    • Combine filter conditions with versioning
mail graphics
mail graphics

Key Benefits

Data Preflight’s direct mail proofing tools will ensure the quality of your data or print is spot-on before a single drop of ink hits the paper.

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