BCC Mail Manager Network Option

The One Solution for Advanced Database Sharing Capabilities

Option Overview

As your business grows, so should your access to your mail-preparation software. Network functionality for BCC Mail Manager allows multiple workstations to access a single installation, for greater efficiency and significant economy.

This feature lets you create user profiles that specify access privileges—on an employee-by-employee basis, if you choose. Your lists remain password-protected, to ensure additional security. And the user history log helps administrators keep an eye on how the lists are being used.

Lists can be stored anywhere on the network for easy access to authorized users. When multiple users access the same list at the same time, records and files are automatically locked as needed to prevent any accidental overwriting of one another's changes. A single set of ZIP + 4® files can be stored on the network, or on each computer: you choose. You can even access any saved work from any part of the network.

Best of all, your BCC Mail Manager license agreement is seat-based, not user-based, so multiple users can access a single workstation without hassles. Share lists—and increase productivity — more easily and affordably than you can imagine.

Option Features

  • Centralized list storage
  • User profiles for controlled access
  • Seat based licensing