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BCC Mail Manager Full Service™

Powerful all-in-one solution for premier-level mailers

The foundation of BCC Mail Manager Full Service is BCC Software’s acclaimed BCC Mail Manager™ core mailing software technology, long respected for its intuitive flexibility and remarkable ease of use across the widest variety of mailing applications. This ever-evolving USPS® CASS/PAVE™ certified platform, coupled with BCC Software’s unlimited best-in-class customer support, has earned the confidence of a generation of professional mailers. Now, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ takes that promise an important step further.

Estimate how much you'd save by automating with Mail Manager Full Service

Maximize your revenue with software that can handle high volume workloads. Included in BCC Mail Manager Full Service as standard mailing features is a comprehensive array of mailing innovations—from deluxe automation capabilities that enable true 24/7 unattended processing of specified tasks or complete mailing jobs, to full palletization support (including First-Class™ pallet functionality), enhanced merge/purge features, and much more.

These capabilities are further augmented by a proprietary address-matching API that goes beyond CASS™ certification and delivers processing speeds many times faster than the industry-standard address matching engines.

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Realize true savings

Exceptional productivity is vital to your operations, as is the ability to leverage all available cost savings. That’s why BCC Mail Manager Full Service provides a single solution to meet these goals.

Deluxe Automation Capabilities

Speed up operations and reduce labor costs with Job Manager automation, including 24/7 watch-folder technology.

Integrated eAppointments

Makes scheduling FAST® appointments quicker and more user friendly.

Enhanced Merge/Purge Functionality

This powerful deduping feature includes support for householding and advanced targeted marketing applications.

Data Marketing Services

Provides direct access to NCOALink® and DSF2®, so there are no third parties between you and your data.

Mail.dat® File Generation

Facilitates participation with the USPS PostalOne!® program.

Proprietary Address-Matching API

Delivers dramatically higher processing speeds over industry-standard USPS matching-engine—meeting the most demanding throughput requirements and leading to higher match rates overall.

Includes Data Preflight

An exclusive data proofing tool that ensures the quality of your data or print is spot-on before a drop of ink hits paper.

Integrated Networking Capabilities

Provides access for an unlimited number of users at the licensed site.

Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™)

Easily create and presort your EDDM lists without having to purchase lists or use other software.

Experience limitless solutions

BCC Mail Manager Full Service offers comprehensive mailing options and full-service support to meet the needs of premier-level mailers.

    • First-Class Mail®
    • Standard Comail
    • Mixed, Periodical, and First-Class Comail
    • Package Palletization
    • Sack Palletization
    • Tray Palletization
    • USPS® Customized MarketMail® job preparation
    • High-end inkjets
    • Bound Printed Matter
    • Parcel Post®
    • Media Mail®
    • Library Mail
    • Intelligent Mail™
    • Multi-piece Parcels
    • Co-mail

Realize the power of automation for your organization. Save money by lowering labor costs and increase revenue and productivity with the new ability to take on more jobs.


Included with BCC Mail Manager Full Service, TaskMaster can transform any mailroom into a powerhouse with more robust and comprehensive capabilities than what is available with the standard BCC Mail Manager option.

Job Manager

Exclusively available through BCC Mail Manager Full Service, Job Manager is a powerful, complete solution for maximum flexibility and productivity. It’s a complex automation with little needed maintenance from your team, so you can get jobs done quicker and more efficiently.

Key Features for Job Manager Include:

    • Receives and recognizes files
    • Runs jobs automatically
    • Supports a single watchfolder
    • Easy configuration
    • Provides a comprehensive log of job details and usage
    • Presorted labels and output can be unique
    • 24/7 automation with clear notifications
    • Can understand and run jobs with multiple file names
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