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BCC Ignite™

Dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your enterprise data processing and mailing operation.

When seconds count, you need efficiency. Don’t cripple your productivity with manual processes. Double your processing productivity, repurpose 50% of your data processing team, and onboard jobs – even ad hoc – faster with BCC Ignite’s enterprise data processing and mail solution.

Accelerate your growth with automated data processing

Meet today’s print and mailing operation challenges head on with a modern approach to maintain margins, increase efficiency, and reduce manual tasks.

The BCC Ignite™ solution provides enterprise-class data automation, mail preparation, address quality and mail tracking. This comprehensive enterprise-level solution for your data processing challenges combines BCC Software’s mail and data processing expertise with commercial software.

Dramatically streamline your customer data processing, automate workflow, increase capacity, and improve turnaround.

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Experience the remarkable results in your operation

BCC Ignite centralizes resources and facilitates consistent processes, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your data processing and mailing operation.

The efficiency gains by our customers using BCC Ignite™ are remarkable.

    • Double your processing productivity. On average, our customers have improved productivity by 55% using our rules-based workflows.
    • Repurpose 50% of your data processing team to perform other job functions. Our customers have saved an average of $80,000 in labor costs by freeing up data processing personnel.
    • Quickly scale your mail resources by onboarding jobs- even ad hoc- faster and more efficiently.

Automate workflows. Eliminate Legacy and manual processes.

By combining BCC Software’s mail and data processing expertise with an ETL workflow application, we help you dramatically streamline data processing, increase capacity, and improve turnaround time. BCC Ignite’s rules-based analysis automates data structure assessment, identifies areas of improvement, and standardizes data processing.

After reengineering your data process to just the essential steps, we introduce workflows and automation, eliminate human touchpoints, and create a continuous flow.

Ignite’s intuitive user interface and automated, reusable, workflows eliminate complex coding knowledge and maintenance, redundant software tools and siloed or manual processes that depend on a single resource. The solution simplifies multi-step processes inside and outside of the mailing process and makes on-boarding new employees easy.

Eliminating labor-intensive manual processes provides the opportunity to reallocate valuable resources to new projects and the highest value tasks.

Scale your business or increase capacity without adding staff.

By reducing the software, processes and steps needed to process jobs, Ignite becomes your onramp to onboard new customers and jobs and fuel new revenue.

Imagine the impact on your organization by immediately scaling mail-related resources using Ignite’s automation. Standardize and streamline processes to increase your capacity and resources to take more sophisticated jobs, new business, and offer new value-added services to your customers.

BCC Ignite integrates seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure to expand your mailing offerings from address validation and correction to presort, post presort, and data enrichment.

Full-featured solution, tailored to your needs

BCC Ignite’s fully integrated, data and mailing solution creates a platform tailored for your operation and growth, helping you build workflows, set up templates for ad hoc work, and reduce processing time for your most critical mail production functions.

Ignite brings together the highest tier of BCC Software’s product offerings, including:

    • AddressFlow to direct data to where it’s needed within the framework.
    • BCC Presort, our enterprise grade presort engine.
    • The BCC Architect integrated API to foster CASS Processing, Data Services, and access to BCC’s Track N Trace(TNT) tracking platform.
    • BCC Data Services accessed through Ignite using Infuse Web Services or LENS.
    • Optional BCC Post Presort for post-presort mailing Mail.dat editing and preparation functions.

BCC Ignite can also include the industry-leading RedPoint Data Management (RPDM) Software, an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool that allows the management of data and workflows to consolidate disparate external applications or processes into a single solution.

Discover the potential Ignite benefits for your organization

Speed, flexibility, and performance can all be yours by putting the BCC Ignite solution to work in your data processing and mailing operation.

Leading high volume and enterprise operations are automating their operations from mail preparation, to address quality and mail tracking.

Get your complimentary benefits assessment to learn the impact Ignite can have on your organization. If you provide us a few key statistics about your operation, we can include a potential ROI when our expert contacts you.

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