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Join Your Peers for a Can't-Miss Event

Hear from industry experts, like BCC Software's own Chris Lien, chosen to present two workshops at this year's event.

MONDAY, MAY 22, PERIOD 8 (1:30 P.M. – 2:30 P.M.) INDUSTRY SWOT: IMPACT OF TODAY'S TRENDS ON YOUR BUSINESS AND HOW TO CAPITALIZE ON THEM: Step back from the day-to-day business of your operation and learn the impact of an evolving landscape. This presentation, led by BCC Software president Chris Lien, will explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) presented by current changes and trends in the industry. Attendees will explore trends in three areas — integrated direct communications, the shifting USPS landscape, and contact data quality — and come away with a SWOT analysis on each area that includes an actionable checklist of “what to do next.”

TUESDAY, MAY 23, PERIOD 13 (2:45 P.M. – 3:45 P.M.) IS THERE A MILLION DOLLARS ON YOUR SHOP FLOOR: Postage is the most expensive component of any mailing budget. Consider this: a business sending 75 million mailpieces a year could save three-quarters of a million dollars annually by dropping postage one cent per piece. One of the biggest cost savings opportunities is bringing presort operations in house, rather than outsourcing to a presort bureau. This is easier to do than you might think with a well-planned automation process. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the true value of integration and automation. You will also take away:

  • Actionable information that will help you understand maximizing postage optimization, including benefits in savings, timing, and delivery.
  • An evaluation toolkit that will help you calculate potential postage savings when taking processing in house versus outsourcing

These savings can improve the bottom line or free up money for re-investment. This will be co-presented by Canon Solutions America.


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