DSF2 Processing

Maximize postal discount qualification and better target your efforts.

Service Overview

DSF processing updates your list(s) by identifying known addresses and specific address attributes, and return a Walk Sequence and a Business/Residential Flag for each record that matched. It identifies whether a ZIP + 4® coded address is currently represented in the USPS® delivery sequence file as a known address record. The DSF2 Product contains vacant, residential, business or seasonal address information. This information can be used to hone your mailing lists and produce mailings that are targeted more precisely. Finally, DSF2 processing identifies if an address is delivered to a curb-side mailbox or by a door-slot.

DSF2 includes DPV®, LACSLink®, and SuiteLink® processing.

By taking advantage of DSF2 processing, you are able to further maximize postal discount qualification and better target your efforts to drive your ROI through the roof. DSF2 processing provides detailed information on addresses, including:

  • Address Type:
    • Residential
    • Business
    • Educational
    • Seasonal
  • Delivery Type:
    • Curb-side mailbox
    • Neighborhood Delivery and Collection Box Unit (NDCBU)
    • Centralized bank of boxes
    • Door-slot

While the address type information can allow you to better target your mailing, the included DSF2 reports allow you the potential to unlock Enhanced Carrier Route, High Density, or Saturation Discounts from the USPS. You can read more about this discounts at the USPS RIBBS® website.