Postal and Software Training

Postal and Software TrainingThe expertise you need, the way you need it, when you want it.

BCC Software offers training workshops that provide new and experienced users alike with instruction appropriate to their level of experience. These workshops can elevate anyone’s BCC Mail Manager knowledge and help users optimize their use of BCC Software's Postal Software Solutions products. These sessions are offered at the Standard, Advanced and Power Workshop levels.

  • Power Workshop

    Our Power Workshops provides all the instructional content of both our Standard and Advanced Workshops. It is in a streamlined format that delivers more information in less time than it would take to complete each workshop separately.

  • LogIn Live

    Most of our workshops, including our new Automation Workshop, are now hosted in our LogIn Live virtual classroom environment. These workshops are fully interactive, instructor-led classes that provide hands-on experience to increase your knowledge quickly.

  • Standard Workshop

    Thorough coverage of BCC Mail Manager features, including Presorting, ZIP + 4® Encoding, Label Designer, creating selection sets/Calculated Expressions, and a variety of essential list-maintenance functions.

  • Advanced Workshop

    For the experienced BCC Mail Manager user or those who have already attended the Standard Workshop. Become a “power user” of BCC Mail Manager’s advanced features, including Label Designer (indicia, calculated text and text boxes), Calculated Expressions, User Defined Functions and User Defined Reports.

  • Automation Workshop

    Gain the knowledge to take full advantage of BCC Mail Manager’s automation option, TaskMaster. This class includes best practices, recording and editing jobs, scripts structure, batch processing, and how to create batch.ini files.

  • Enhanced Merge Purge Workshop

    The Enhanced Merge Purge workshop offers in-depth comprehensive coverage of the many features and capabilities involved in the Merge Purge option.

  • Mail.dat & IMb Workshop

    The objective of this course is to provide end users of the BCC Mail Manager family of products working knowledge of the Mail.Dat Wizard and IMb™ Wizard.

  • Using Expressions & User Defined Functions Workshop

    What are expressions and user defined functions? At a basic level it is a form of programming that allows the user to write custom logic for selectivities, indexes, data manipulation and many other functionalities. During this class we will cover the most popular expressions used by other customers and supplied by Customer Support. Upon completion of this 5 hour course you will be able to manipulate data by using one or more expressions and build user defined functions that incorporate the level of logic needed to accomplish your tasks.