Firm Packaging

Many pieces make light postage rates

Option Overview

When it comes to Periodicals, two mailpieces are more economical than one. That’s the appeal of Firm Packaging for BCC Mail Manager equipped workflows: by allowing users to bundle multiple Periodical mailpieces headed for the same destination, many pieces become one — enabling significant savings by incurring a single piece rate (plus pound rate), no matter how big the bundle may be.

The Firm Packaging option accommodates this labor- and rate-saving efficiency by examining your list data to identify firm packs, or creating a calculated expression to flag bundles based on your customized criteria. (Periodical Non-Auto presorts only.) USPS® Qualification Reports are adjusted automatically.

Option Features

  • Combines same-address pieces in one mailing
  • Boosts value by eliminating needless mailpiece fees
  • Intuitive software checks lists for qualifying criteria
  • Automatically generates all USPS® documentation