List Suppression Services

Make sure your outreach efforts reach only the most desirable targets.

Service Overview

There are three different list suppression options available:

  1. DMA Suppression - DMA Suppression processing identifies individuals in your list(s) who have registered with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS) to indicate that they do not wish to receive unsolicited mail.
  2. Deceased Suppression - Deceased Suppression processing identifies deceased individuals in your list(s) using a database dating back to 1999 and derived from Social Security Administration records.
  3. Suppression Suite - Suppression Suite processing identifies records in your list(s) that match to common suppression/pander files including Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service, Deceased, Prison, and Business.

List targeting is an essential strategy in mailing and marketing operations. By learning more about the records you’re mailing to you can better target your mailing and reduce wasted postage and production cost. BCC Software suppression services can identify the following:

  • Mail Preference Service
  • Deceased Master File Suppression
  • Prison Suppression
  • Business Addresses

Would you send mail pieces advertising a new restaurant opening to one of the 60 million names on our deceased list? Of course not! By running your list through suppression services you can eliminate waste and increase ROI by suppressing out undesirable records before you start marketing to them.