MOVE Manager EU / LSP / FSP

Put your address-updating power in the fast lane.

Option Overview

Each year, 40 million relocating individuals and businesses slip out of reach of your mailings unless your lists are up to date.

USPS®-certified Move Update services can speed delivery and help your mailpieces find their targets. And for high-volume mailers, nothing beats BCC Software’s MOVE Manager—the option for BCC Mail Manager Full Service and Mail Manager users that provides full-time, in-house access to the latest Postal Service® address updating technology.

With MOVE Manager, you become your own Move Update service provider (even a provider to others, if you choose), with total control over turnaround times and vendor charges. There’s no better way to ensure the list accuracy you need, when you need it. Using USPS® NCOALink® technology, MOVE Manager delivers the move data, security, and processing performance that keeps you running on deadline and on budget.

*Requires independent USPS® licensing and additional fees.

Option Features

  • Ideal for high-volume mailrooms or service bureaus
  • Optimizes in-house list-updating capabilities
  • Direct interface with USPS® NCOALink database