Priority Mail

Mail is changing, and your customers expect you to change with it.

Parcels are a larger and larger portion of the USPS®’s business. In 2013, the USPS shipped 3.8 billion packages, up over 15% in just five years. The United States Post Office reinforced their commitment to Priority Mail® in 2013 as well, reinventing and putting additional emphasis on Priority Mail. As they continue to put focus on it, Priority Mail continues to have more and more strategic importance to mailers and mail owners alike.

Where does it fit

Priority Mail is a big part of that mixture for fulfillment and a key delivery method for large (over 13OZ) First-Class Mail® deliveries. In addition, it is growing as a slick new way for marketers to ensure their highest value communications get noticed. These packages appear to be high importance or personal and as a result always get opened and read. No matter the purpose, these packages jump to the top of the mail pile, and your customers are expecting you to help get them there.

What's in it for you?

Couple all of these changes in the marketplace with new rates that make Priority Mail more attractive, and a $0.20 cent a piece discount for preparing the shipping services file, and the option to add priority mail support to your BCC Mail ManagerTM environment becomes an obvious choice.

In short, if you’re going to mail 16,000 or more priority mail pieces over the next three years, the immediate discount justifies the ROI, before you account for the additional impact from savings generated from being able to palletize your priority mail, eliminate the need to handle these pieces by hand, and the ability to say yes when presented the opportunity to take on these jobs.

How does it work with BCC Mail Manager

BCC Mail Manager Products have an answer to help make this part of your operations.  Integrated into the software you are already familiar with, the option for Priority Mail will get you in the business quickly. With support for IM®pb and IMb® as well as the all-important Shipping Services File (SSF), the option for Priority Mail can let you add new services to your offerings with a small learning curve. The option for Priority Mail also includes preparation into Sacks, Tubs, and Pallets along with the reporting you depend on for production.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates $.20 / piece surcharge regardless of volume
  • Say yes to priority mail jobs without retraining staff or manually handling pieces


  • Prints IMpb Barcodes
  • Generates Shipping Services File to avoid $ 0.20 surcharge
  • Prepare Priority Mail to pallets for easy transport
  • Includes Multi Weight Manifesting (Coming Later Q1 2015)
  • Generates production reporting