Rooftop Geocoding

Target your marketing efforts with greater precision than ever before.

Service Overview

Rooftop geocoding is a simple, yet powerful process. Once you upload your mailing list, you’ll be asked to identify the location of the address fields using our intuitive point and click interface. Once you check out, we’ll begin appending all the key information to your file and have it back to you in just a few minutes. This data comes in three categories:

  1. Standardized Address – The address elements of your record (address, city, state, and zip) are appended alongside your original data. This gives you the option to update your records with standardized addresses that may help reduce undeliverable mail and otherwise improve the overall quality of your data.
  2. Latitude and Longitude – Each of your records gets appended with a rooftop, or delivery point. These latitude and longitude coordinates are precise enough to identify the exact location of the address.
  3. Supplemental Information – BCC Software also supplies you with a bevy of additional information about each record. This info indicates if a property is known to be vacant, if an address is mail receiving agency, and over a dozen other useful data points.

Rooftop Geocoding allows you to send the right communications to the right customers and drive efficiency in all areas of your customer touch points.

Here are just a few examples of ways our customers use rooftop geocoding in their businesses:

  • Personalize your direct mail by harnessing the power of variable print to put the location closest to each customer on each mail piece.
  • Measure the distance from one address to another known point like flood plains, school zones, and other areas of interest for mortgage and insurance purposes.
  • Identify geographic concentration within a list to drive plans for specific marketing campaigns with maximum ROI.

How will you use rooftop geocoding to drive your business forward?