USPS Exigency Rate Case Rejected

The Postal Rate Commission (PRC) ruled this morning that the USPS has failed to meet its burden under the law for its controversial exigency filing. The PRC was unanimous in denying the request for an exigent rate increase. The ruling rejected the filing in its entirety. (Read the official announcement here.) To be valid, an… Read: USPS Exigency Rate Case Rejected »

FAST and the IMb

At a recent FAST® User Group meeting, the USPS® shared some interesting statistics regarding the number of FAST messages their systems are processing on a weekly basis. For the week of July 11th, roughly 40,000 messages were processed. Since then, the weekly numbers have skyrocketed, with an average of 125,000 messages being processed each week.… Read: FAST and the IMb »