Moving Ahead with Move Update

Address quality all starts with using CASS-certified software, which should result in your addresses being complete and correct. But what can be done to ensure the address is current? That’s where Move Update methodologies come in. Properly utilized, they provide a crucial role to your overall address quality strategy. There are basically five approved methods… Read: Moving Ahead with Move Update »

The ABCs of Postal Software

From address cleansing to presorting, to producing the Intelligent Mail® barcode on the mailpiece, postal software is a crucial component of any mailing operation. This dependency on USPS®-certified software and its underlying data is now more critical than ever for mailers who wish to achieve the essential postage discounts derived from workshare opportunities. In this… Read: The ABCs of Postal Software »

Going Digital for Postage Optimization

Commingling mailpieces is one of the most effective ways to opti­mize your postage investment. Postage continues to be the larg­est attributable cost per mailpiece, and judging by the current dire financial situation of the United States Postal Service®, it doesn’t look like that situation is going to change anytime soon. Thus, many mailers are still… Read: Going Digital for Postage Optimization »