BCC customer and business partner growing rapidly

Perinton Publishing, a BCC Software customer and business partner, is growing rapidly thanks in part to incorporating new technologies early on. Read the full article from the Rochester Business Journal here: Innovation spurs growth at Perinton Publishing

The Cost of Dirty Data

The cost of dirty data is real and this article explains it well. The investment to ensure that the contact data used for communications is complete, correct, and current is always small in comparison to the return of higher response rates and better customer experiences. Read the full article at Direct Marketing News: The Hidden… Read: The Cost of Dirty Data »

Tech Tip: Unique Barcodes

Avoid ‘Barcode Uniqueness Piece Errors’ and unnecessary scoring issues on your PostalOne! Mailer Scorecard. Using constant text in the Intelligent Mail® barcode Properties ‘Serial Number’ field is the most common mistake. Many times we will see a single zero or a string of zeroes in the Serial Number field. If you use constant text, BCC… Read: Tech Tip: Unique Barcodes »