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USPS® Provides Updates Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the recent events brought on in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the USPS has released a series of statements regarding their operations during this time. First and foremost, as an entity of the Federal Government the USPS is designated as an essential function under federal law during times of emergency. Essential… Read More


This Service Provider Data Processing Addendum (“SPDPA”) is incorporated by reference into and forms a part of each agreement (the “Agreement”) between BCC Software, Inc. (“BCC”) and you (“Customer”), each a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”, and reflects the Parties’ agreement with regard to the use or access of personal information in accordance with the… Read More

Changes to BCC Software’s Transport Layer Security Support

In our continued effort and commitment to securing our software and services, BCC Software will be discontinuing support of Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1, as well as any HTTP (non-SSL) connections. TLS is the protocol used to secure traffic over computer networks. We are providing this notification now to give… Read More

Don’t Wait! Recapture Hidden Money in Your Print and Mail Processes

This is a guest article from Solimar Systems, a valued BCC Software partner. Print and mail processes inherently have areas where money can hide. What do we really mean by that? There are costs associated with the way print processes and the resulting mailing processes happen on your shop floor, some that you might not… Read More

Episode 36 – Industry Corner Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE: Guest Mark Fallon, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Berkshire Company joins us to discuss the importance of workflow automation and mailing industry education, we'll also review the results of the 2019 USPS® Promotions and discuss the latest in Informed Delivery® and Informed Addressing.

Postal Service Updates Mobile Delivery Devices

The USPS® has recently updated their Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs) by selecting Zebra Technologies as their next-generation MDD provider. Introduced a few years ago, an MDD is a device similar to a smartphone that postal carriers use along their routes. They allow carriers to track package delivery in real-time, and they enable the Postal Service… Read More

Understanding the US Postal Service’s Annual Fiscal Report

In December 2019, the USPS® submitted their annual compliance report to Congress, summarizing the 2019 fiscal year. Upon first glance, the decline in mail volume raises some concerns. The two most notable mail volume declines are the 3% decline for First-Class Mail®, about 1.8 billion pieces, and the 2.1% decline for Marketing Mail from 2018-2019.… Read More

Guest Article: Almost Perfect Isn’t Good Enough

Do you remember when 99% accuracy used to be OK? Clients and end-users accepted occasional document processing errors. “Nobody’s perfect” was a widely accepted refrain. That’s no longer the case. Customers aren’t as tolerant anymore. They’ve become accustomed to the benefits of automation and expect perfection-even from complex production systems that generate, move, and manipulate… Read More


Thank you for your continued patience as we work to fully restore all services. As of 2/7/2020 at 2:00 pm EST, most Track N Trace® mailings have been restored and Track N Trace is continuing to process USPS® files to create reports and other Track N Trace artifacts. If any further communication regarding specific Track N Trace jobs… Read More

Guide to Election Mail

As the contentious 2020 election season arrives in full force, BCC Software is here to offer you a deep dive into election mail to make sure you are making the most out of every mailing.

Guest Article: Drop Shipping Made Easy

Have you ever used or considered drop shipping mail? With the 2020 election season coming up, it’s more important than ever to know how you can maximize your postal discounts. As you know, the two primary benefits of drop shipping are improved speed of delivery and additional postage discounts. However, you may not be aware… Read More

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan Agrees to Delay Retirement

As many of our readers know, in October 2019 Megan J. Brennan, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the USPS®, announced her retirement. The original date for her retirement to take effect was January 31st, 2020 – just over 4 weeks into the new year. However, on January 6th the USPS Board of Governors… Read More

Episode 34 – Industry Corner Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE: A Postal Regulatory Commission order proposing expanding pricing authority for the United States Postal Service, a nomination by the President for another Board of Governors member, and a Postal Regulatory Commission semi-decision regarding 2020 price increases for first-class letters.

Transition to Track N Trace® (TNT®)

BCC Software is dedicated to bringing our customers expanded technology and personal support to make sure they have the right tools to succeed in this ever-evolving industry. In keeping with this promise, we are pleased to announce EasyTrack® Complete users will be transitioning to Track N Trace® (TNT®) for their mail tracking reporting and data… Read More

2020 Postal Rate Changes – What to Expect

In October, the USPS® announced their proposed changes to postal rates for 2020 which would raise Mailing Service product prices by approximately 1.9 percent. However, on November 13th the Postal Regulatory Committee (PRC) remanded the price changes to First-Class Mail® due to the USPS incorrectly calculating the “percentage change in rates for First-Class Mail.” In… Read More

Informed Delivery® – Its Current State and What to Expect in the Future

Exciting statistics around the growth and success of Informed Delivery® were announced by the USPS® at the Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) Fall 2019 meeting. According to the USPS®, as of late October 2019 Informed Delivery now has 20.8 million registered users, approximately 75% of which receive the daily email. They also shared that Informed… Read More

Changes in Postal Leadership

As many readers already know, this October Megan J. Brennan, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer for the USPS®, announced her retirement effective January 31st, 2020. In the official statement released by the USPS, Brennan stated, “When I was appointed Postmaster General, I made a commitment to the Board of Governors that I would serve… Read More

Inkjet Innovators in Direct Mail: North American Communications

For a company focused on providing high-quality direct mail quickly and cost effectively, North American Communications (NAC) faced a challenge when its customers began to request more variable color on high volume direct mail. As the market evolved to include more targeted mail, NAC realized that it needed a solution that would meet its customers’… Read More


Handle variable mailings with flexibility and affordability.


Transform your mailroom into a productivity powerhouse.

Priority Mail

Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your customers' experience with mail.

Data Preflight

Output quality and direct mail proofing tools that save time and money.

Customized Market Mail

Reach recipients with unique messages and formats that break through the marketing clutter.

Bulk Mailer® SMB

Bulk Mailer SMB is BCC Software’s newest presort desktop software package to help your business save time and money by increasing mailing efficiency.

BCC Software™ Delivers on Promise of Expanded Technology with Changes to Pricing and Packaging

Subscription Pricing, Product Enhancements, and new Bulk Mailer® SMB Package Highlight List of Improvements ROCHESTER, NY – November 14th, 2019: Today BCC Software, the leader in postal preparation and address quality solutions, is announcing several improvements to their line of desktop software solutions. BCC Software has introduced a new Bulk Mailer SMB package, offered at subscription… Read More

Bulk Mailer® SMB & BCC Mail Manager™ FAQ

Thank you for choosing to explore BCC Software’s expanded offerings! Below you will find the FAQ pages for our new Bulk Mailer® SMB presort desktop software and our enhanced BCC Mail Manager™. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact us at: 1-800-337-0442 Which package is right for you? Average Mailing… Read More

BCC Mail Manager LE™

Oops! We’re sorry, the BCC Mail Manager LE™ page no longer exists. You have been directed to this page because BCC Software is no longer selling new licenses of BCC Mail Manager LE. Are you a current BCC Mail Manager LE customer? No need to worry – BCC Software is continuing to support existing customers… Read More

BCC Software™ Announces New Vice President of Sales

Experienced Sales Executive to Lead Sales Team for Rapidly Growing Company ROCHESTER, NY – November 6, 2019: Today, BCC Software, the leader in postal preparation and address quality solutions, announced the addition of Marcus Banks as Vice President of Sales. In this role, Marcus will leverage his proven background as a Senior Sales Executive to… Read More


Despite the surging popularity of digital marketing, direct mail continues to hold a significant position in today’s industry. In fact, over 140 billion pieces of mail (first-class and marketing) were sent through the USPS mail system in 2016. It’s not just marketers who are keeping direct mail alive, though—consumers agree that direct mail remains an… Read More

How to Use Manage Server to Clean Up Mailing Files

A Server Management Utility was added to Bulk Mailer® Business that cleans up mailing files that were removed from Bulk Mailer. These files are no longer accessible within Bulk Mailer, but they still exist in the Mailings folder. This can happen when a Folder on the Home screen in Bulk Mailer is deleted, but Mailing… Read More

Transferring Data Marketing Services Jobs Using HTTPS

Within BCC Mail Manager™, there is now a HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) file transfer option for securely uploading Data Marketing Services jobs. This method of transferring was implemented for several reasons: Added Security – BCC Customer Portal authentication is used Firewall Friendly – It uses single inbound port, which many firewalls allow by default… Read More

Setting Up Schedules in BCC Software’s Track N Trace®

Many BCC Customers are signed up to use our Informed Visibility® based mailpiece tracking service Track N Trace®. This service groups up Informed Visibility scan data by job allowing you to track each mailing as it moves through the postal system. One of the most important features is the ability to generate various reports to… Read More

Episode 32 – Industry Corner Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE: The recently filed USPS® proposed price increases for 2020, how a major software provider prepares for this annual update, recap two major announcements

COMING SOON – Big Improvements to Import Functionality!

Import has always been one of the most important functions in BCC Mail Manager™. The import tool helps you clean up data as it’s being brought into your environment. This helps you ensure that customer data is actionable and mailable before you find a problem and have to re-work a whole job. What if Import… Read More

How to Use New EDDM® List Creation Tool

In July, BCC Software announced the release of a new EDDM® list creation tool in BCC Mail Manager™. This month we wanted to further spotlight this and discuss how to utilize it. This tool allows users to painlessly and quickly create and prepare an EDDM list based on a user selected list of ZIP Codes™ and Carrier Routes. Previously, users had to manually create or import a list prepared for EDDM.… Read More

BCC Post-Presort MAILdb™ Helping Scorecard Errors

Two of the most common issues we see with scorecard errors are By/For errors and Barcode errors – duplicate barcodes, or undocumented pieces.  By/For errors are typically caused when the owner and preparer are not properly identified in the Mail.dat™ file.    The Mail.dat file holds the owner information in two places – the MPA (Mailer Postage Account)… Read More

Important Industry Updates – UPU Decision and New USPS® Board of Governors

Last week, the USPS® announced their decision regarding their involvement with the Universal Postal Union (UPU). In her official statement, Postmaster General Brennan shared that an agreement has been made “that accommodates the concerns of the United States and other countries” regarding the current payment system and therefore the United States will not withdraw its… Read More