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Enhance your industry acumen with BCC Software’s Webinar Series. These sessions are designed to provide you with comprehensive insights and the latest developments directly from leading experts in the field.

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Stop Leaving Postal Savings on the Table

Maximize your direct mail efficiency and reduce costs with 2024 USPS promotions. Discover key insights and tips from BCC Software’s Chris Lien and Sepire’s Leanne Herman in an exclusive webinar. Learn from their experiences with USPS promotions to elevate your mailing strategies and secure valuable postage savings. Explore vital resources and our eBook for overcoming common challenges in achieving postage savings. Register now for transformative strategies and expert guidance.

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Tips and Technologies for Effective Election Mail

Streamline your election and political campaign mailings with the latest USPS technologies and expert insights. Join BCC Software’s Chris Lien and Cathedral Corporation’s Kim Waltz on March 6th for a pivotal webinar on ‘Tips and Technologies for Effective Election Mail.’ Learn how to leverage enhanced visibility, tracking, and security for your mailings. Register now to stay ahead with crucial deadlines and decisions for impactful mail strategies.

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