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BCC Software Announces Completion of SOC 2 Type 1 Examination

Independent Review Confirms Customer Data is Handled in Safe, Secure Environment Rochester, NY, February 13, 2018 – BCC Software LLC, a premium provider of address quality, postal software, and data-based solutions, is pleased to announce that the company has successfully completed a SOC 2® Type 1 examination. The SOC 2 examination is a designated and… Read More

A Few Changes and Tips from the Data Marketing Services Team

Our Data Marketing Services (DMS) team has a few updates we want to share with our customers. DMS payment options Beginning with BCC Mail Manager™, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™, and BCC Mail Manager LE™ Version, credit card is no longer available as a payment option within the Data Services Wizard. We removed this… Read More

Discontinuation of Certain Tag Stock Products

Beginning March 1, 2018, BCC Software will cease stocking certain tag products or shipping quantities that are in very low demand. Tags that will be discontinued are: All sack tags (1” White and Pink) Rolled Fanfold Laser 2” Pink Pre-Perfed Continuous Roll Quantities that will be discontinued: Boxes of 2” White Fanfold (Cases and Cartons… Read More

Upgraded Digital Signature on Several BCC Software Products

As part of our move to electronic fulfillment, or eFulfillment, of all products, BCC Software is pleased to announce we have upgraded the digital signature used in the BCC Software digital downloads you receive for most Windows based products. What is a digital signature? Wikipedia offers a somewhat plain-English definition: “Code signing is the process… Read More

It Pays to Play with Presort

The presorting process is essential, and it’s the first opportunity you have to get postage estimates for your mailing. With BCC Mail Manager™, you can add the comprehensive Package Services option, which allows you to sort and identify the best price option for your mailing, since presorting based strictly on the size will result in… Read More

Mail Class & Postal Terms Glossary

BCC Software is dedicated to educating our customers, so that they can stay informed and successful. Whether you’re looking for a refresher or training new employees, we’ve provided a mail class and postal terms glossary you can reference whenever needed. If you have any further questions or need clarification on anything, please contact Customer Support… Read More

Automating Your Workflow Part 3: Job Manager

Over the last two months we have focused on automation options available in BCC Mail Manager™. Specifically, we have discussed using TaskMaster™ in both BCC Mail Manager and BCC Mail Manager Full Service™. This tool has an amazing scope of use and a wide set of features for day-to-day automation. This month, we are going… Read More

Top Social Posts for January

If you’re not following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you’re missing out on news and information about BCC Software and important, real-time industry news. Here are the three most popular posts from January: Anita Pursley, a highly respected industry veteran, is joining BCC Software as Senior Manager of Industry Affairs — underscoring the company’s… Read More

High-Speed Inkjet Trends: Consumers Still Want Print in 2018

This is a guest article from Canon Solutions America.  Consumers are bombarded with thousands of promotional messages every day, including television and radio ads, direct mail, out-of-home advertising, social media, email, and digital banner ads. Today’s marketers are challenged with getting their messages out in a way that cuts through this clutter and encourages desired… Read More

Anita Pursley Joins BCC Software as Senior Manager of Industry Affairs

Addition of Highly Respected Industry Veteran Underscores Commitment to Customers Rochester, NY — January 16, 2018: BCC Software LLC, a premium provider of address quality, postal software, and data based solutions, is pleased to announce that Anita Pursley has joined the company as Senior Manager of Industry Affairs. Pursley joins BCC Software with decades of… Read More

Top Social Posts for December

If you’re not following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you’re missing out on news and information about BCC Software and important, real-time industry news. Here are the three most popular posts from December: “Learn how to leverage industry changes into growing your business and improving the value of your direct communications.” Top Three Industry… Read More

Understanding Document Accessibility

This is a guest article from Crawford Technologies, a valued BCC Software partner.  When you think of accessibility, it’s often in the context of physical access, like providing ramps, elevators, and other accommodations to ensure that people with physical disabilities don’t face discrimination. But what about accessibility when it comes to documents? All consumers receive… Read More

Automating Your Workflow Part 2: TaskMaster Configuration Files

In continuation of the discussion of TaskMaster™, the comprehensive automation tool for BCC Mail Manager™, this article will focus on configuration files. Configuration files allow more complex set ups than are readily available only within the script. There are three mail files – the Destination Settings file, the Batch file, and the Manifest file. All three… Read More

How is your TrayMate Holding Up?

With the new year here and in full swing, it may be time to check your old TrayMate to see if it’s time for an upgrade. Ethernet and Windows 10 compatible, the TrayMate 4 is ideal for any space-conscious mailroom by allowing multiple connections. With the ability to efficiently print tags using thermal technology, the… Read More

Track N Trace Additional Terms and Conditions

Downloadable version EXHIBIT B – TRACK N TRACE – ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS General Any use of the TRACK N TRACE system or data by Licensee or User (as that term is defined herein) shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, including the terms of this Exhibit B, (together the… Read More

Premium Support License Agreement

Downloadable version AMENDMENT TO SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT THIS AMENDMENT (“Amendment”) dated the ____ day of ____________,  ____ to the Software License Agreement dated ____________,  ____ (“License Agreement”) is by and between BCC Software, LLC (“Licensor”) and ____________________________________________ (“Licensee”).   Licensor and Licensee desire to amend the terms and conditions of the License Agreement to accommodate… Read More

Professional Services Agreement

Downloadable version This PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into, by and between BCC Software, LLC (“BCC”) having a place of business at 75 Josons Drive, Rochester, New York 14623, and customer (“Customer”), having a place of business at address. BCC and Customer expect that from time to time Customer will wish to purchase certain… Read More

Master Software License Agreement

Downloadable version Software License and Data Services Agreement THIS SOFTWARE LICENSE AND DATA SERVICES AGREEMENT and all applicable Order Schedules subject to the terms hereof (collectively the “Agreement”) is made as of the Effective Date by and between BCC SOFTWARE, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with offices located at 75 Josons Drive, Rochester, NY… Read More

Full Service Compliance Step 5: Feedback / Special Services

Long after you’ve built your IMb™ infrastructure, gotten your Mailer ID, produced your mailings and logged your eDocs, so-called “feedback” services provide enhanced value to IM barcode jobs. These services are made possible with the unprecedented data depth of the Intelligent Mail barcode – and represent the true untapped potential of postal commerce in an Intelligent Mail future.… Read More

Full Service Compliance Step 4: FAST Electronic Scheduling

(Note: If you’re only planning to use Basic Intelligent Mail service, this step doesn’t concern you – at least, not yet. But the more you know about this step today, the better prepared you will be when it becomes encouraged, or even mandatory, tomorrow.) To take advantage of the Full Service level of Intelligent Mail,… Read More

Full Service Compliance Step 2: Get Your Mailer ID

The heart of the IM barcode, and the array of powerful features and services it makes possible for your mailings, is the unique Mailer ID (MID) used to identify and assign data to pieces affixed with your barcodes. MID data is included within the encoded Intelligent Mail barcode itself, along with other vital information that… Read More

Rochester Training Facility

75 Josons Drive Rochester, NY 14623-3494 585.272.9130 9:00 am – 4:30 pm ET From NYS Thruway (I-90) Exit the Thruway at Exit 46 Follow signs for I-390N. Bear right onto Lehigh Station Rd (Rte 253) before merging with 390 Turn left onto Lehigh Station Road Turn right onto West Henrietta Road (Rte 15) Turn left… Read More

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the web site(s) owned by BCC SOFTWARE, LLC (the “Site”). Below is our privacy policy governing our use of information gathered about you (“Information”). Although BCC Software is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust in all of its activities with you, this privacy policy does not govern BCC Software’s collection… Read More

USPS Trademarks

Trademarks or registered trademarks owned by the United States Postal Service® (USPS®)

Reducing your UAA mail

There’s many reasons that over six billion mailpieces are identified as Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) each year. With this, wasted money and resources and can hinder a company’s efficiency. Learn why it’s time to reduce the impact of UAA mail, and how your business can achieve this.

It’s Time to Talk About Millennials and Direct Mail

Professionals often sneer at the word “millennial,” but the reality is that this generation is powerful when it comes to business—they will make up the majority of the workforce and consumer groups by the year 2020. Millennials range from ages 20-36—they are buying houses and renting apartments, purchasing cars, getting married, growing families, and taking… Read More

Thinking Ahead: How Can Your Company Prepare for PRINT 2021?

The mailing and printing industries are oft-changing, and will continue to see unprecedented change over the next several years. From uncertain legislation to major disruptions in the workplace, BCC Software hosted a panel of industry experts at PRINT 17 that came together to discuss these changes, and how companies can ensure they continue to be… Read More


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