BCC Mail Manager

Essential mailing software that adapts to your business needs.

Product Overview

BCC Mail Manager slices through ever-changing USPS® red tape to provide dependable mail processing performance—easily adapting to changes in your business, and in the industry itself—while always delivering optimal mailing efficiency and economy.

Unbeatable CASS certified presorting and list management mailing software with unrivaled economy and value.

With end-to-end mail-processing features (presorting, address standardization, de-duping and more), USPS® CASS™ and PAVE™ certified BCC Mail Manager handles mailing jobs with push-button simplicity, and helps professional mailers provide an unsurpassed portfolio of mailing services to a wide range of clients.

A natural fit in any PC-based operation, BCC Mail Manager features simple integration and an easy learning curve, that combine to produce a quick return on investment. And with an array of premium options, BCC Mail Manager can grow with your business—letting you take advantage of the essential functionality you need today, and add deluxe capabilities (including automated mail preparation and palletization) only as you need them.

To handle mailings with postal-approved precision and intuitive ease, choose a technology partner with three decades of experience in delivering unbeatable mailing software innovations. Don’t settle for less than BCC Mail Manager.

Stop looking for other bulk mailing solutions. Trust Mail Manager, the top-rated bulk mailing software due to its CASS and PAVE certification. 

Product Features

  • Supports Intelligent Mail®, POSTNET™, CODE 128 and other barcodes
  • CASS processing
  • CASS software and PAVE software certified
  • Supports First-Class™, Standard and Periodical mailings, and most preparation methods
  • Utilizes RDI™ technology from the USPS to flag residential addresses that can cost additional postage
  • Generates required postal documentation, plus production and management reports
  • Powerful data manipulation capabilities, including user defined program functions
  • Integrated postage statements (plant verified, drop shipment)
  • Imports from and exports to most data file formats, including SQL
  • Supports container tag and pallet label generation
  • Background, multithreaded processing
  • Duplicate elimination and merge/purge features
  • Supports industrial inkjet formats, Windows printers, many legacy line printers and most desktop direct imaging printers
  • Integrated user defined reports, including totals and subtotals
  • Geocoding, radius select and distance calculations