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BCC Post-Presort MAILdb™ Helping Scorecard Errors

October 01, 2019

Two of the most common issues we see with scorecard errors are By/For errors and Barcode errors – duplicate barcodes, or undocumented pieces. 

By/For errors are typically caused when the owner and preparer are not properly identified in the Mail.dat file.   

The Mail.dat file holds the owner information in two places – the MPA (Mailer Postage Account) file, and the CPT (Component) file.  The owner must be identified as to who owns the mailing or mailing list.  This can be identified by the Mailer ID (MID), Customer Registration ID (CRID), or Both MID and CRID. 

The Preparer information is contained only in one place in the Mail.dat file – the MPA (Mailer Postage Account) file.  Again, this can be identified by the MID, CRID, or Both. When By/For errors occur, it is often because the owner and preparer MIDS or CRIDS are reversed or mixed up between these fields in the Mail.dat.    

Within MAILdb these can be easily corrected manually, or by using the PostalOne!® Field Editor to make multiple changes to correct the Owner and Preparer fields.  Templates can be created for each mail owner and loaded by the user to ensure the correct information is populated prior to uploading anything to PostalOne!. 

Barcode errors can be hard to track down.  Often mailers are given errors that there are duplicate barcodes or told by their clerk that there are undocumented pieces and just given a list of barcodes.  This can make it difficult to narrow down why these issues are occurring.  MAILdb can help track down when and where barcodes were used by using the Barcode Search Tool.  In the maintenance menu of MAILdb, the Barcode Search Tool allows users to enter a single barcode string or specify a comma delimited file with a list of barcodes.  MAILdb can search through all jobs including archived jobs or a subset of jobs to find if the barcodes exist, or if they exist more than once.  This may help narrow down why an issue may have occurred.   

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