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BCC Software Delivers Mailing Workflow Automation with New Integratec API Platform

June 07, 2016

Presort Capability Released First; Allowing Seamless Integration of Mail Preparation

Rochester, NY – June 7, 2016: Today, BCC Software™, a leader in postal preparation and address quality solutions, released the Integratec™ API Platform. The presort toolkit is immediately available to mail preparers seeking more flexibility in how they manage their workflow with an eye towards improving productivity.

“We are in-tune with the pulse of our industry thanks to terrific working relationships with our thousands of customers and active participation in industry associations and collaborative venues like the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC). The call for additional workflow optimization opportunities has been loud and clear for some time now,” shared Chris Lien, President of BCC Software. “As mailers continue to evolve their operations to meet customer demands and rapidly changing United States Postal Service (USPS) requirements, they are looking for tighter integration of our technology into their overall solution. Integratec provides the opportunity for any mailer to leverage the benefits of an API from an experienced and trusted solution provider.”

Any mailing operation views workflow optimization a new essential component. By releasing the presort toolkit first, BCC Software enables automation of the most critical part of the workshare discount qualification process. This includes the ability to order records for presort, qualify mail into appropriate categories, and produce USPS electronic documentation and labels.

Paul Naylor, CFO of Salt Lake Mailing & Printing has been beta testing the product. “I was pleased to get my hands on Integratec as an early beta user. I have been using BCC Software technology as a critical component of my operation for 20 years. Integratec lives up to BCC Software’s reputation for flexible, high quality solutions backed by outstanding support. I’ve already seen the potential for impressive time savings in my operation and am looking forward to fully realizing all the benefits of the Integratec platform.”

The Integratec API Platform is built on a modular and scalable architecture that allows software to be installed locally or distributed among any number of machines spread across a network. This unique setup allows users to increase performance by fine-tuning the number of workers available to the client API making requests. Communication between modules is handled by a central broker, which enables a single client API to make requests of any module. For example, properties for a presort request can contain presort information such as mail class and piece type.

Request parameters are formatted as JSON, and validated via json-schema. Performance is further boosted by asynchronous requests, allowing the process to perform more tasks while waiting for a return from the initial request. By implementing ZeroMQ™ messaging with the CurveZMQ protocol, the API is able to pass even the most stringent security requirements for mailers in industries like healthcare and finance.

To learn more about the Integratec API Platform and the presort toolkit, please visit www.bccsoftware.com/integratec.

About BCC Software, LLC: Based in Rochester, NY, BCC Software creates innovative postal software solutions and provides extensive data marketing services. The company was founded in 1978 and employs approximately 80 people. More information on BCC Software can be found at www.bccsoftware.com or by calling 800.624.5234.

BCC Software Media Contact: Shawn Ryan, Director of Marketing Communications, shawnr@bccsoftware.com, 585.341.3357



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