Address quality API provides seamless integration and outstanding ROI.

Product Overview

As sales and customer service data degrade, so does your ability to connect with current and future clients. BCC ZIPFOURce is address validation software that lets you add to your front-end process what was once considered a back-office concern: address data validation, standardization and matching, seamlessly integrated with many Customer Relationship Management and Web-based database applications.

CASS Certified™ BCC ZIPFOURce corrects, standardizes and matches addresses at the point of entry and does the same for existing data as well, helping you achieve and maintain a clean customer and prospect database. In addition to address standardization, validation and matching, it retrieves additional delivery point information that allows you to take further advantage of postal discounts. To maximize your earning potential, the BCC ZIPFOURce address validation API gives you access to detailed information that provides you with a robust understanding of every individual in your database, which can be leveraged to create targeted marketing efforts.

Product Features

  • CASS™ Certified
  • Address Correction and Standardization.
  • Reduced Return Mail
  • Enhanced Data Management
  • Cost-Effective API
  • Versatile report functionality

Product Options

  • Residential Delivery Indicator - interface to USPS RDI™ technology identifies residential delivery points, allowing informed decision-making when choosing a parcel shipper
  • SuiteLink® - improves business address data by adding known secondary (suite) details, allowing USPS® delivery sequencing where it would not otherwise be possible
  • Geocoding - provides valuable latitude/longitude information