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Bell and Howell Participates in J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Congratulations to the Bell and Howell associates that participated and volunteered for the 2013 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge that took place in Rochester, NY on May 21, 2013!  Attendees enjoyed the run/walk and the festivities after the race.

This event draws over 11,000 attendees from 460 companies in the Rochester area and is becoming a staple for many companies’ wellness and health initiative programs.  This year Rochester, NY was selected to host the Series Championship. The championship team included past

There is a lot of work and time invested in an event like this, so thanks to all the volunteers who helped.  Special thanks go to Sue Carlevatti for going above and beyond to make this a memorable day for the Bell and Howell from 13 cities, seven countries and five continents.

Pictures of the event can be seen on our facebook page

Team Members included:

Mike Teixeira                     23:35
Bill Jamieson                      29:41
Dorothy Dufault                31:29
John Rafferty                     32:23
Paul Baker                           35:23
Will Gardner                       36:58
Kim Torre                            37:08
Donna Sucese                    40:01
Kim Edwards                      40:36
Jan Rozelle                         51:28
Carl Schindler                    55:07
Liz Zambuto                       1:02:03
Sue Carlevatti                    1:02:03


Thanks and again, congratulations to all who participated.

Jim Mann, SVP Operations

Visit the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge website to learn more and see if there is an event near you.