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Automation capabilities exist today that can reduce operational costs, save manhours, optimize machine clicks, but also -- and most importantly -- help us deliver superior direct mail products.

Jerry Eiler of Ripon Printers was able to use automation functionality to increase revenues by taking on more complex jobs and increasing the volume of fulfillment jobs the organization could take on.

– Jerry Eiler from Ripon Printers talks about the education and customer service BCC Software offers all of its customers.


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What He's Saying:

“We started to get some customers that sent in files the same way every week, and that gave us the courage to say ‘let’s automate’ and see if we could save time,” said Eiler. “We started playing with TaskMaster and found out how actually easy it was to use. The more we used it, the more we were impressed with it. It can do anything.”

– Jerry Eiler from Ripon Printers