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Congratulations Mr. Donahoe and Ms. Brennan

November 14, 2014

USPS Postmaster General Pat Donahoe announced that he will retire February 1, 2015. This concludes a 39 year career with the United States Postal Service. It also marks an historic event in that the next Postmaster General (number 74 for those of you that have been counting) will be Megan Brennan, the current Chief Operating Officer of the USPS. Megan will also become the first woman PMG in the history of the USPS.

I have known Pat for a number of years and have always been impressed with his presentation ability, willingness to answer questions, and his no nonsense approach to solving a problem. Pat led the USPS and the mailing industry through some very difficult times and cost cutting measures.

Pat was named Deputy Postmaster General in 2005, and then PMG in October of 2010. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him through MTAC, industry associations, and numerous Postal Customer Council events. He always seemed to have a smile, positive attitude, and exhibited the best “postal passion” of anyone I’ve met. Pat truly is passionate about the mail and that includes both the USPS and their customers. He will certainly be missed and I wish him well on his well-deserved retirement.

I’ve known Megan Brennan since October of 2010 when she became the Chief Operating Officer. Megan is a solid leader and will do well as the next Postmaster General. She is a great speaker, very knowledgeable of the mailing industry, and more than able to keep the USPS moving forward as mail volumes and usage continues to change. I am looking forward to working closely with Megan and her team at MTAC.


Read the full announcement of USPS Postmaster General Pat Donahoe’s retirement here.

Read the full announcement of the appointment of the 74th USPS Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, here.

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