Lightning fast statement processing software for high-volume mailers

Product Overview

High-volume, variable-weight mailing operations thrive or fail on the ability to control efficiency, accuracy and economy. BCC Software’s cQuencer provides lightning-fast processing speeds, improves mailpiece delivery and postal reporting, and ensures the lowest possible postage costs.

Windows or AIX compatible, cQuencer can sort complex First-Class™ and Standard mailings; supply required CASS™, PAVE™, MAC Batch™, and Intelligent Mail® Full Service certified processing and work with your printers and inserters to produce the most efficient and economical mailing sortation possible to achieve the highest discounts.

Product Features

  • USPS® PAVE™, MAC Batch, CASS™, and TEM certified software
  • Produces all necessary USPS® reports
  • Options for First-Class™ and Standard Mail®
  • Ability to re-sequence print streams to maximize work-share discounts with CQMX option
  • Compatible with USPS® Customer Supplier Agreements
  • Optimal inserter sequence for multiple page document sortation
  • Can generate reprints for missing or damaged mailpieces in a later run
  • Eliminates mid-tray and mid-file breaks to avoid unnecessary postal fees
  • Supports USPS® Full-Service Intelligent Mail® using Mail.dat® and unique label sequencing
  • Net manifesting helps track spoilage and maintain accurate mailpiece counts
  • Supports Windows, Linux, and AIX processing environments

Product Options

  • PostalOne!®-compatible Mail.dat® file generation
  • Full-Service sequencing for unique IMb™ sequencing mailpieces, trays and pallets
  • Unique Intelligent Mail® container and tray labels
  • TEM-certified software for PostalOne!®
  • Drop shipping to SCF and NDC for best postage discounts
  • All Standard letters less than 3.3 ounces
  • Carrier Route Support
  • Basic, High-Density, High-Density Plus and Saturation
  • Page alignment feature coordinates inserter activity to minimize production delays from variable-page records