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Reduce Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Mail

Do Something! Action #1:
Reduce Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Mail

This is one of the five actions of the BCC Software Do Something! initiative.

Action 1/5

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Reducing undeliverable and returned mail improves direct mail response rates. And incorrect addresses delay mail delivery. Current USPS® data notes that 5% or more of addresses in a typical mailing list are incorrect, 1.2 billion pieces of mail are returned to sender and 2.5 billion pieces of mail per year are considered waste by the USPS® in their FY2023 data.* What a lost opportunity for the mailing industry- particularly in an election year.

Avoid delayed mail delivery and waste using address correction and deceased suppression data services.

While progress has been made to improve address quality over the years, the quest for the perfect address needs to continue. We suggest what we call the “3C” (complete, correct, current) approach to address quality as a great way to achieve timely and predictable mail piece delivery.

Let’s look at three approaches to reduce UAA mail, ranked as good, better, and best actions.

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Good Ways to Reduce UAA Mail

A good approach, and the foundation for effective address quality is to use USPS® CASS-certified software like BCC’s Mail Manager, BulkMailer, and Architect solutions to ensure the address is complete and correct.

USPS® CASS certification did not change much until the 2023 CASS Cycle O. Learn about some of the changes and opportunities for improved address quality in a recent expert presentation.

With rising costs and tighter budgets, it’s important for your company and your clients to reduce waste and increase the response rates of mailings you produce.

A Better Way to Reduce UAA Mail and Ensure Address Quality

The USPS requires mailers to use an approved Move Update solution to have a complete, correct, and current address prior to mailing. An effective pre-mailing solution is NCOALINK. Used monthly, it is a very effective way to keep your addresses current.

Because everyone doesn’t file a change-of-address with the USPS a Proprietary Change Of Address (PCOA) can be useful. PCOA contains aggregated inferred change-of-addresses from multiple sources.

As with other address quality products, there are various return codes that should be carefully reviewed and leveraged to ensure you have a current address.

The Best Approach: Remove Ineffective Mailpieces With Advanced Data Services

We’ve discussed improving mail that is undeliverable. In the “best” category is improving mail that’s ineffective using advanced data services. Removing ineffective mail reduces wasted and returned mail and improves response rates.

Let’s take a closer look at secondary correction and suppression as two of the best ways to reduce UAA mail.

Secondary address correction services like BCC Software’s Address Resolution Services (ARS) can repair addresses labeled “broken” by CASS and DPV and returned to a mailing list for prompt and efficient delivery. ARS does this advanced detective work for you and corrects address data deemed undeliverable.

Over 3 million Americans die each year and sending them mailpieces is not only ineffective but can also be viewed as insensitive. By suppressing these addresses, you not only achieve the best approach to address quality, you also improve the overall response rate.

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