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Evaluating MOVE Update Errors on Mailer Scorecards

April 02, 2018

With the first billing cycle of the Move Update Census coming to an end, BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services department wanted to take time to focus on what information is supplied for Change of Address, or COA, errors on the Scorecard. Because the Scorecard does not include actual address information, however, it’s essential to understand what details are given and how they can be used to further assess your data and prevent future penalization.

The Scorecard will contain the following key fields for each address:

Mailing Date: The Mailing Data helps identify which mailing included the address and/or date it was mailed. This information will also help identify if a particular mailing had more errors than others.

IM Barcode: The main source of information for tracing back to the actual address. By taking the time to review specified addresses, common data quality issues may come to light, allowing you to make corrections for future mailings if necessary. Keep in mind that the USPS® is testing the printed address (delivery Point of the IMb) on the mailpiece, which could be different from how it appears within BCC Mail Manager™. So, in this case, analyzing your label output maybe more useful.

Source: This error is derived from scans on MPE.

Error Type: COA errors will always be labelled as Move/Update, making it easy to distinguish.

Error Code: The only error code used for COA errors is 6000.

Error Description: A Move Update error is logged when the address matches to a COA record where the COA Move Effective and COA Create date is between 95 days and 18 months prior to the postage statement finalization date. We would recommend referring to the NCOALink Return Code Quick Reference Guide to research these addresses further.

Error Data: Summarizes the COA Create Date, COA Effective Date, and Postage Statement Finalization Date.

Being armed with the right information can help you with your Mailer Scorecard. For further information on the Scorecard and/or researching COA errors, please contact our Data Marketing Services department at 800.337.0372. We’re here to help.

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