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The Changes and Challenges of Address Quality

Timely, predictable, and ultimate delivery of a mail piece is only possible with a complete, correct, and current address. With CASS Cycle O just around the corner, there have been some important changes, and some challenges, with regards to the 3C approach to postal address quality that you should know.

Stop Leaving Postal Savings on the Table

Maximize your direct mail efficiency and reduce costs with 2024 USPS promotions. Discover key insights and tips from BCC Software’s Chris Lien and Sepire’s Leanne Herman in an exclusive webinar. Learn from their experiences with USPS promotions to elevate your mailing strategies and secure valuable postage savings. Explore vital resources and our eBook for overcoming common challenges in achieving postage savings. Register now for transformative strategies and expert guidance.

Tips and Technologies for Effective Election Mail

Using mail for both election and political purposes is continuing to increase; especially with the advanced visibility, tracking, and security being implemented by the USPS and the mailing industry. But before election officials and candidates start using mail to get their ballots or their campaign message out, there are some important deadlines and decisions that need to be made.

Why Direct Mail Still Works

With digital marketing seemingly the most popular advertising method, it cannot be forgotten that
direct mail is the foundation of effective marketing.

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