Information Exchange Panel:

Understanding COVID-19’s Impact on the Mailing Industry

What is it?

As the country (and the world) continues to reel and rebound from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to take stock of what has gone right during the crisis – and what didn’t – in order for mailers to guard against future disruptions as much as possible.

During this 90 minute session, BCC Software President, Chris Lien, examines the impact of the pandemic on the mailing industry, and then moderates a panel of experts from across the mailing industry to hear their perspectives on what happened, how the industry is doing, and where we go from here.


Chris Lien
President, BCC Software, LLC
Steve Monteith
Acting Chief Customer & Marketing Officer and Executive V.P. with the USPS®
Mike Plunkett
President and CEO of Postcom
Carlos Moreno
Director of Postal Compliance and Mailing Services with Shawmut Communications Group

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