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Meet Integratec – BCC Software’s Powerful API

February 14, 2019

If you are a high-volume mail shop where every second counts, you should consider BCC Software’s API solution, Integratec®. The magical aspect of an Application Programming Interface, or API, is that it removes the human element. An API is a software-to-software interface that lets programs and applications talk to one another without any user intervention. Integratec removes manual touchpoints from the equation and expands your options to get the job done. Integratec allows you to load balance across multiple machines. High-volume mailers can get backed up in processing or experience massive production delay if this one machine goes down, which is why Integratec works to solve this solution – multiple machines can all be working at the same time, as Integratec allows the site license to reside on multiple servers.

Integratec is a multi-threaded application that allows you to spread out your work to as many machines as you have available. Work doesn’t stop when one machine is down, and bottleneck points become a nonissue. Integratec is scalable, so you can also increase the number of threads you work across by purchasing additional “workers.”

Each unique component in the Integratec platform is referred to as a module. This diagram on the left illustrates the module’s relationship to one another.

What are Integratec users saying?

“Expect faster processing. Because Integratec does not need to update Windows forms, or wait on the user, you’ll experience better performance and speed. Integratec runs as a Windows service so you don’t have to open an application or log in to a user account. The ability to distribute work across different environments shaves off significant idle time and improves overall output of a mail shop.”

Will it work for me?

Integratec is a JSON based API. Any environment that can consume an API can be used with Integratec. The development environments Integratec supports with ready-to-go wrappers include: Python, .net, and C/C++. Integratec is completely customizable. Build your own GUI or provide a more integrated user experience with embedded content from an application or site.

Is it secure?

Simply put, Yes. Integratec can be configured to use Curve25519 messaging encryption through the ZeroMQ-based communications layer that Integratec uses. You can enable the messaging encryption through encryption key files that come with all default installations.

To learn more about the power of Integratec, you can access technical documentation on our website. Or, to learn more about how Integratec can fit within your workflow, reach out to our Professional Services team at professionalservices@bccsoftware.com.

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