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Move Update: The Law of the Land (and Just Common Sense)

As virtually anyone reading this blog must now realize, this week marks the commencement of strict enforcement of United States Postal Service Move Update regulations on First-Class and Standard Mail jobs alike. The key word in that sentence is “strict,” as in, “This time we mean it!” Legitimate inspection efforts and actual financial penalties await mailing jobs found non-compliant – a big departure from the vague threats and indistinct consequences of the old days.

The USPS has been pushing for better address quality for years, and BCC, while recognizing the burden this new enforcement places on mailers, supports the move as the only logical step our industry can take toward reducing systemic costs and helping to level the competitive playing field. Delivery delays and spiraling postage rates only serve to drive more dollars out of the paper-mail arena. What we need are ways to improve the effectiveness and economy of mail . and fighting the Move Update effort does just the opposite.

BCC customers have heard this message many times before; our BCC Bulletin and User Forums have long featured commentary promoting the proactive virtues of a sound Move Update strategy. Nevertheless, we know that plenty of mailers still are reluctant to embrace this belated New Year’s present from the Post Office.

To that, all I can say is, “How Can We Help?” Give our in-house Data Services team a call at (800) 337-0372. Whether you’re a longtime BCC-equipped mailer or currently working with a competitor, we’ll be happy to talk to you about how a proper Move Update strategy can actually improve your business.