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MTAC Innovation Symposium: The Future of Mailing

The USPS is in the process of implementing its plan to improve revenue, with the hope that Congress will enact changes that will provide the USPS with the capacity to realize strategic growth and make the necessary responses to current challenges. However, these steps alone are not enough. With that in mind, the Postmaster General is reaching out to the industry through a series of symposiums to solicit suggestions and ideas to stimulate growth in mail volumes.

The goal of the first symposium, held during the recent MTAC meeting, was to generate ideas for steps that the USPS can take in the future to give it the best possible opportunity to reach its goal of increased mail volumes.

Attendees were split into ten groups to brainstorm viable strategies to encourage growth in the industry. At the conclusion of these breakout sessions, the groups picked their top three ideas and presented them to the Postmaster General and symposium attendees. Participants were then asked to vote to determine the top three proposed strategies out of the approximately 30 presented during the session.

Though the top three strategies have yet to be revealed, there were three distinct initiatives that emerged. It was agreed that the USPS must:

1)     Embrace the digital world

2)     Move forward with IMb and find a way to improve the value of mail, as well as improve mail volumes

3)     Get into the package game

In addition to these three initiatives, the attendees voiced one particular criticism of the USPS’s current practices: At present, post offices are seen as cost centers. However, by expanding their retail space, these locations would have the opportunity to become revenue generators. Attendees agreed that changes in thinking such as this, and the top three winning strategies proposed, could help ensure future growth for the Postal Service.

The next step in the three-step initiative program will be at National PCC Day, September 15, where videos of the symposium presentations will be shared with attendees. The third step will take place in October and will leverage industry marketers.