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New for Integratec API – Native Postage Statement Support for Presorted Mail

December 03, 2018

BCC Software Is pleased to announce the next significant piece of functionality for Integratec® API — postage statements.

The latest release of Integratec (18.23) includes the ability to produce your postage statements directly to PDF as part of your integrated workflow. The statement functionality is inspired by the broad features in BCC Mail Manager™, with the simplicity you expect from an API implementation.

This release also introduces a new way to select portions of a mailing called “subset.” The new subset functionality is inspired by BCC Mail Manager’s presort selectivity, but is enhanced and improved to make the selections both understandable and easy to perform.

Integratec has inherited many of the customer enhancements from BCC Mail Manager’s postage statement functionality to make the output familiar, and immediately useful.

For detailed information on how the new statements and subsets work, please review this customer documentation or contact our Customer Support department at 800-624-5234 or tech@bccsoftware.com.


Included in the software release are these forms:

  • PS Form 3600-FCM First Class Mail
  • PS Form 3600-PM Priority Mail
  • PS form 3602 R Marketing Mail
  • PS form 3602 N Non-Profit Marketing Mail
  • PS Form 3541 Periodicals
  • PS Form 3605 R Package Services
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