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Handle variable mailings with flexibility and affordability

The USPS® PostalOne!® system eliminates the need for hard copy postal forms, and the comprehensive option for Mail.dat® functionality for BCC Mail Manager™ products lets you take advantage of PostalOne! like never before.

BCC Software’s option for Mail.dat functionality uses the industry-standard format to streamline USPS Qualification Reports into ultra-compact, confinement electronic data to enhance your business’ efficiency. Transmittable via email or disk, the files provide an easy PostalOne! gateway.

Dramatically increase mailing flexibility by allowing for last-minute changes in piece weight, job status details, or appointment information. BCC Mail Manager users can now submit the most up-to-date job details without having to use costly third-party Mail.dat packages.

*Mail.dat is a trademark or registered trademark of IDEAlliance

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